Blue Planet II - Turtle

Blue Planet II, Exmouth and Conservation

Blue Planet II with Sir David Attenborough filmed the marine sea life off Shark Bay. The show demonstrated just how naturally beautiful the waters off the Western Australian coast are.

Exmouth is a World Heritage listed area making it one of the world’s most precious hotspots. People come from all over to swim with Humpbacks, Whalesharks, Manta Rays, sharks, turtles and all of our other marine wildlife at our clean Ningaloo Reef.

Keeping our Ocean’s Clean

Every small change we can make to help keep our waters clean will make a difference. Ever wondered where the fish you eat comes from? Ever thought of helping but not sure what you can do?

Here’s a list of small changes that can make big changes…

  • Take your own cup to the coffee shop for takeaway coffee
  • Stop drinking from plastic straws! They are clogging up our oceans
  • Take all of your rubbish like cigarette buts, bottles, bottle top and beer tops home with you
  • Pack your kids lunches into reusable sandwich sized boxes instead of sandwich bags or plastic wrap
  • Choose sustainably caught fish
  • Recycle plastics, cardboard, paper, aluminium cans and glass.
  • Take your own shopping bags to the shops instead of using plastic bags
  • Choose cardboard or paper alternatives instead of plastic where possible, such as cotton buds and straws
  • Do the right thing and pickup any rubbish you find at the beach
  • Someone else trash is often another’s treasure… Sell clothing and goods online or drop off at op shops rather than land fill.
  • Buy bamboo… It’s amazing what Bamboo can be made into from toothbrushes to the softest nappies and it’s eco friendly!

Get Involved with Conservation

For more simple ideas and infromation check out BBC Earths Blue Planet II ‘Get Involved with Conservation‘ web page.

Here’s a preview of Blue Planet II … Keep a watch for Shark Bay!