Holidaying with Dogs

Odie just loves summer, but hates flies!!

Know the Signs and Symptoms

Heatstroke in Pets is a very serious and life threatening condition which can occur when your pet overheats and is unable to reduce their core temperature.

In Exmouth, in the hot summer months, we have many local West Australian residents holidaying in Exmouth with their pets. And why wouldn’t you! We have amazing beaches which are all pet friendly. But the temperatures in Exmouth can be extreme, often 40 – 50 deg a day for extended periods. You need to be vigilant with how you manage your pet in these conditions.

It is important to know the signs of heatstroke. Look for rapid panting that is short and sharp. They may be staffering, weak or have general lethargy. Their gums or teeth might appear dark or bright red and be sticky or dry. They maybe salivating or drooling (if anything like my two beasts, this may just be indicating that they are wanting their tucker!!) There could be vomiting and/or diarrhoea – possibly with blood present. Their rectal temperature is between 40 – 43 degrees. And at worst, their could be seizures of coma.

Some things that you can do to help lower your pets core body temperature if they are overheating or possibly suffering from heat stroke can include obvious things like, moving them to a cool shaded place. Laying them on floor tiles is a good start. You can use cool (not freezing) water to cool them down by offering small amounts to drink or by putting wet towels on their body, feet and head…much like humans. If you have a fan or air conditioner, then this will help to aid in the evaporation and cooling.

If you do suspect that your pet is suffering from heatstroke then you should contact your vet immediately. Here is the link for the Exmouth Vet Clinic. Phone number is 9949 2499 The surgery is closed Saturday and Sunday. And open Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm

Here’s a few tricks that we use on our beasts at this time of year to aid in the heat management. Water consumption (like in humans) must be increased. Add water to dry kibble and even drown the meat and vege in water, the dogs will still eat it, and it will keep them hydrated. Obviously DO NOT have the dogs in the car when it is not travelling and the air conditioner is not on. Leaving the window down is not enough and dogs can die in cars. Walk the dogs at the beach, at a park, at a lake… if possible! Not on hot pavement, or through dry hot bushland. Walk them early as possible in the day or at sunset when the temperatures are cooler.

We all know that our pets know how to ‘work the situation’ and manipulate us to get what they want, but let’s just be a little kinder in the summer months. There is no need for the ‘toughen up’ attitude!



Pet Friendly Holiday Homes

Many of our holiday homes are pet friendly.

But we highly recommend before you book your holiday house, to contact the office, have a chat to the staff, and make sure that the house you are planning to book is the best choice for your pet. Some homes have better fences, some owners only like small dogs, some owners are adamant that there are no pets inside etc. So it is best to check with us first.

Our pet friendly holiday homes all come with fully compostable dog poo bags, and we encourage you to use these to dispose of the doopers around the yard and at the beach. Dispose of thoughtfully.

You will need to provide your own dog bedding, bowls and toys. Remember that you pets are in unfamiliar territory. There will be other dogs smells at the house, the fencing maybe different, there are roaming emus in the streets, lizards, goannas, potentially even snakes at times of year. So you need to be very vigilant as to managing your pet at their new holiday house.

All our staff are pets owners and lovers. Amy has Gus the Staffy. Sandy has Chloe the Boxer, Geoff has Angus the Rhodesian Ridgeback and I (Helen) have Odie the Rhodesian Ridgeback. So we are a wealth of knowledge on all things Exmouth and dogs!


NRHH is now accredited with the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program

Ningaloo Reef Holiday Homes is now accredited with the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program!

We are super pleased to announce that Ningaloo Reef Holiday Homes is now an Australian Tourism Accredited business!

What does this mean for you, our guests?

When you choose to book your holiday accommodation with us you can expect the following:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Professional customer service
  • Accuracy in advertising
  • Sound environmental practices
  • An appropriately licensed and qualified operator
  • Adherence to a Code of Ethics

This Australia-wide recognised accreditation means we are committed to providing you, our valued guests, the best possible experience throughout your Ningaloo holiday journey, from your initial holiday research, choosing your accommodation, making a booking, right through to your stay and beyond.

How we achieved our accreditation

Quality Tourism Accredited Business logo shield
The Australian Tourism Accreditation is a Australia-wide initiative that has been created to provide assurances to consumers that the the business meets or exceeds a set of guidelines on quality and business practices.

Our accreditation certifies that we meet specific quality assurance criteria which ensures we are committed to exceeding your expectations with great customer service and the highest standards of business practice. As part of this accreditation we will also be part of regular onsite audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

To be accredited we had to complete the following:

  • Licences & Permits – We gained all the required licences and permits applicable.
  • Business Operating Systems – We have implemented detailed & proactive operating systems ie: maintenance, health and safety and cleaning schedules.
  • Economic Sustainability and Financial Systems – We comply with accounting standards, up-to-date record keeping and comply with consumer laws.
  • Insurance Details – We have all the required coverage inc. at least $10million in public liability insurance.
  • Human Resource Management – We comply with legislation relating to employing staff along with comprehensive ongoing training and skill development.
  • Environmental Management – We demonstrate a documented and practical commitment to sustainable environmental practices.
  • Customer Service – We have documented customer service procedures, booking and cancellation policies and customer feedback processes.
  • Risk Management – We demonstrate documentation and implementation of risk management plans, as well as emergency and evacuation procedures.
  • Code of Practice – We have signed an industry code of ethics.

In case you missed it

In-case you missed it, we also entered the Gascoyne Regional Business Awards for the first time last year and did pretty well we think 🙂

Gascoyne Regional Business Awards 2018

Gascoyne Regional Business Awards 2018

Runner Up 2018
Gascoyne Regional Business Awards 2018

  • Runner Up –Small Business Award

Finalist 2018
Gascoyne Regional Business Awards

  • Finalist – Small Business Award
  • Finalist – Customer Service Award
Thankyou, Merry Christmas & Email Newsletter News

Thankyou, Merry Christmas & Email Newsletter News

Thankyou, Merry Christmas & Email Newsletter News!

The silliest of seasons has now arrived! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

We would like to shout out a great big THANKYOU to all of our visitors for choosing to stay at Exmouth Holiday Homes during the year of 2017.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed your holiday stay and had a wonderful time at Exmouth in Western Australia.

Exciting new things 2018! Including an email newsletter!

We have some exciting new developments and news coming up in 2018! Stay tuned.

Something new we will be launching at the beginning of 2018 will be our online email newsletters … We will be publishing on regular basis to keep you up to date on all the local loop happenings.

All our past and future guests can expect to stay informed on exclusive holiday home specials and deals offered to email newsletter readers.

As well, our newsletter will contain updates on local Exmouth information, Exmouth News, Things to do in Exmouth.

Each newsletter will also showcase a feature Holiday Home.

At the beginning of 2018 we will publish a blog post with links to join our newsletter emailing list to receive fantastic deals an regular updates. Stay tuned!

In the meantime check out our blog page for the latest news, deals and specials on offer.

Specials and Deals on Offer in 2018!

We have a range of specials being advertised in magazines and other media outlets, so keep a watch out for those to grab a yourself a great affordable holiday deal.


Thankyou for choosing to stay with Exmouth Holiday Homes and we hope to see you all back in Exmouth in the year of 2018!

May you all have a Merry Christmas during these festive seasonal holidays! May your new year be filled with holidays to Exmouth spent fishing and swimming the days away!

Park Pass Information for the Cape Range National Park

Exmouth Park Pass

Park Pass Entry fees into the Cape Range National Park

A park pass into the Cape Range National Park is required to access the West Coast beaches and Range.

Some ‘must do things in Exmouth’ include a visit the Cape Range National Park!

Department of Parks and Wildlife manage the parks and have options available to suit everyone’s visiting requirements.

The Cape Range National park is a World Heritage listed area and the fees help maintain the camping grounds, access roads, toilets and day use areas.

We can all enjoy this stunning part of the world.

For a small visiting fee visitors have access to all of the areas in the National Park, fantastic snorkelling spots and pristine beaches.

Day Entry Park Pass

  • Visitors that enter on foot or bicycles don’t need to pay a fee.
  • If camping and not planing on leaving the park a day entry park pass is valid for the duration of the stay.
  • Camping fees are payable as an extra cost.
  • A single park pass will cover private vehicles that seat up to 12 people legally.
Standard fee Concession
Motorcycle $7 per motorcycle no concession
Vehicle with up to 12 occupants $13 per vehicle $7 per vehicle
Vehicle with more than 12 occupants but not on a commercial tour $6 per occupant 6 years or older $2 per occupant

Other Types of Passes

  • Included with the purchase of a Goldstar pass is a one year subscription to the LANDSCOPE Magazine.
  • RAC members can obtain a discount on the Holiday Pass. The Annual All Parks Pass and the Concession Annual All Parks Pass discount applies when purchased from the RAC member benefits website.
Valid Fees Concession
Holiday Pass Four weeks $46 no concession
Annual All Parks Pass One year $92 $58
Goldstar Pass* One year $115 $82

Where to Buy

Please buy National Park Passes from the local Department of Parks and Wildlife office in Exmouth. Or at the entrance of the Cape Range National Park.

Visit the Department of Parks & Wildlife shop online to see all the park passes available.

Alternatively when planning your stay in one of our holiday homes please contact us directly. We will help point you in the right direction.

Ningaloo Visitor Centre Summer Hours

The Ningaloo Visitor Centre is a great spot to start your holiday in Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef. Get to town. Grab some brochures. Check into your Ningaloo Reef Holiday Home accommodation. Crack open a beverage, and check out what the region has to offer.

Summer trading hours:

As of November 1st 2018, the Ningaloo Visitor Centre will transition to its summer opening hours. Which are;

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Weekends 9am – 1pm

Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day and Australia Day.

The Ningaloo Visitor Centre’s normal, 9am – 5pm, 7 days a week opening hours will commence from March 2018. At some stage over the summer months the Ningaloo Visitor Centre will be relocating to the Ningaloo Centre (that’s the fancy big building on the same side of the road). It is going to be amazing when it does as you will be able to not only grab some brochures, but you will also be able to do the interpretive tour. Yes, in fact, I think you can even do that now. At the moment the library and some of the Shire offices have relocated to the new building. But when the cafe opens and the building is in full swing!! Watch out WA, Exmouth is on the map for more than just whalesharks.

Make sure you pop into the Ningaloo Visitor Centre when you get to Exmouth and ask when you can access the Ningaloo Centre. It is so amazing!!

Exmouth Tackle World Fishing Reports

Exmouth Tackle World Fishing Report #3317

Big Mac is a term used in Exmouth that has absolutely nothing to do with a fast food chain. It is all to do with some very big smiles on faces. That was the case this week with anglers John Fraser and his mate visiting from Port Lincoln in SA. The boys were testing the new Shimano Stealth Rods with some Dumbell Poppers. They were aboard On Strike and landed the Stonker Spanish Mak or Spanyiard pictured below. It was estimated to be over 30kg and John has fallen in love with Exmouth and will return.

John Fraser & mate’s Spanyiard caught with new Stealth Shimano Rod








Reef Fishing

Shark Mackerel have been thick in the areas around norwest reef, along with schools of Mack Tuna. Remember to look out for those ever-present Whales. Speaking of whales, night fishing in calm conditions at this time of year can be incredible when the motors are off and all you hear is the whales calling. However, whether it is day or night, there are heaps of whales out there, so be extra careful when at steam. We had some guys in last week reporting that the reef fishing has been amazing this year with no troubles finding fish. In fact, they were saying that it’s almost too easy this year. They have been reaching limits early and complaining that the days on the water are not long enough!

Around the Gulf

Bill Price and Dave Thomas from Margaret River are staying at Giralia station this week and have been fly fishing. They were using soft plastics in the lower gulf. They have had success with Broad Barred Mackeral and Shark Mackeral while enjoying the winter warmth of the north. Walking the flats and enjoying the serenity while there is no phone coverage is a huge draw card for many tourists to this area. Using a fly out fit or light to medium tackle certainly adds to the enjoyment and if you can take home a fresh meal for dinner, then I’d say it’s a winner.
Dale Moir has been in Exmouth this week after fishing success in the recent tournament in Karratha. Dale managed to get on to some Dolphin Fish off Tantabiddi, along with some Marlin that have been feeding on the copious amounts of baitfish this year. The crew were fishing off Helby Bank and Dale is a regular visitor for the EGFC events throughout the year, particularly GAMEX. The EGFC are hoping to get many of the past entrants to the 2018 GAMEX event and celebrate the 50 years of fishing tournaments in Exmouth.

Exmouth Tackle World Fishing Report #3417

Rohan Sankey is up on holidays and came in to the shop for some local information on what is biting and where. The staff suggested he go to certain areas for the wind and tides and put him on the right spots. He managed to catch Giant Trevally and Big Eye Trevally at Oysters and a Queenie near the tip of the cape. The new moon phase at this time of year is the best time to walk these areas at dusk and after dark. Exmouth Tackle World thoroughly recommended you have a headlamp, good rock spike boots, a backpack and warm clothing. Gloves is another essential, especially if handling fish for release. It is best to have someone with you in this area at this time, as sometimes the swell can pick up. We also recommend using barbless hooks for ease of hook retrieval.

Rohan Sankey with one of his nightime Fish









Winter Wonders!

Winter resident Trevor Earl managed to get himself an 8.5kg Giant Herring in the gulf last month, which was a very fine effort. However it was pipped at the post for the monthly competition by Kev Towers, who landed a cracking Bluebone about the same weight. Giant Herring can come in big numbers at this time of year in the gulf and they are often at the tip of the cape as well. The Bluebone are good at anytime of year and are one of the tastiest fish in this area. Make sure if you get one to use the whole fish including the wings and head. The wings are sensational on any fish and can be baked or fried. The head of the Bluebone makes the best seafood chowder in many peoples’ opinion. You can also baste the frames with soy and honey, then place on foil on the BBQ. The amount of meat you can get from all these methods is amazing and should not be wasted. There is actually a group of people that have a specific ‘wing night’ every so often and invite people over to enjoy all the wings cooked up. Each person bringing a salad, which is great to see.

Filming Sessions!

Sports personality Andrew ET Ettinghousen returned to Exmouth for another filming session this week. ET has filmed here at least four times previously and it’s great to have him back to enjoy the fishing on offer in Exmouth. Other TV personality Paul Worsteling will return soon with his family without the cameras for another fishing holiday. Paul fishes around the world yet continuously chooses Exmouth for his family fishing holiday.  That shows how great the fishing is here.

Family Fishing Fun!

Kalvin Gates, aged five, and Tahlia Mossman, aged 7, both managed to have a turn on a rod and reel last week with a Black Marlin. The pair were fishing with their brother and sister and two mum’s off Norwest Reef when the weather was glass before the high tide. There was not a bird in sight, nor a baitfish. They decided to go slightly northwest and in just 30m a little black estimated at 30kg came into the spread of lures. A bait was pitched back on a circle hook and the lures cleared. It was rather mayhem with four kids aged between 3 & 8, plus the two mum’s, but it all came together. The fish was brought in Boatside and happily released after a few quick photos. It jumped several times for all the kids to see and was released just before the wind picked up. There were plenty of whales about to keep the kids amused and luckily they were not far out when the wind picked up.

Little Black Marlin caught by Kalvin Gates & Tahlia Mossman







Exmouth Tackle World are expecting there will be more entrants this year for the Australian Junior Billfish Tournament and the EGFC has a few boats keen to take out juniors, as well as some teams short on anglers. So, if you are wanting to join a team with your child, please contact the events coordinator by clicking here

Exmouth Tackle World – tackle fishing, tackle boating, tackle snorkeling, tackle… just about anything click here for further information

  • Exmouth Tackle World is open 7 days from 7am-6pm every day of the year except Christmas Day
  • Exmouth Tackle World has a monthly fishing comp. Free entry….!
  • You could win a $50 voucher to spend in-store at Exmouth Tackle World.
  • Every entrant also goes in to the draw to win $1000 worth of Shimano fishing gear



The Social Society Exmouth

Enticing new venue in Exmouth

The Social Society Exmouth is a newly opened quirky and quaint cafe focusing on Vegan and Vegetarian foods.  You won’t find any type of meat dishes served here but what is served up is wholesome and filling.  Owners Anne and Kai have put in a lot of effort and hard work to make this venue an all time favourite whatever your food and beverage tastes

Delightful Dishes and Extensive Drinks

The Social Society Exmouth has a menu that is diverse and unique. Serving dishes such as Housemade Granola with Fruit and Walnut and Bean Burgers.  I had the Turkish Fried Eggs but asked if the eggs could be poached. No problem at all Anne was happy to oblige. What a treat they were poached to perfection and everything else on the plate was scrumptious.  I certainly did not miss the meat it was plentiful and satisfying.  This dish had been recommended by a friend who said it was the first *Vegetarian Meal* she had ever had where she didn’t feel it needed bacon.  She was not wrong it didn’t need bacon or any kind of meat.  I also had a pot of the Rooibos Tea a very generous serve loved it.

Turkish Fried Eggs

The Social Society Exmouth prides themselves on offering Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free,Paleo and no refined sugar is used in any of the dishes or drinks.  The cakes are to die for and locally sourced from both Ari’s Cakes and Cookies (click here for samples) and Ningaloo Cakes (Facebook page here).  In fact Anne and Kai endeavour to source everything locally.

Choose from a huge range of hot drinks with Speciality Teas to Cold Pressed Juices and Super Smoothies everyone is a winner here.  If you take in your own cup for takeaway drinks you will receive 50 cents discount.

Anne and Kai

Granola & Fruit

Walnut & Bean Burger

A place to relax and unwind

Stepping inside you will love the relaxing rustic seating areas.  Choose a book to read or open up your laptop and take some time out. The walls are adorned with local art and the furniture and fittings are all recycled and pre-loved.  There is even a little tiny tots area with books, toys and little tree stump stools.  In addition there are also clothes racks with new and pre-loved clothes for sale.

A visit to  The Social Society Cafe Exmouth will not disappoint even if you are a huge meat lover.  In fact I am sure you will be back for more. Check out the goodness and variety on the menu below.

The Social Society Cafe Menu

Exmouth Ride Sunday Update

Exmouth Ride Sunday Update for 2nd July 2017

This was a first for Exmouth and the group who rode intend to carry on each year with more riders.  It was a lovely warm sunny day for the ride. Charities that benefited from this first ride were Movember and Soldier On with over $370 in donations.  The group consisted of 10 riders, 1 pillion passenger and 2 support cars with water and spare fuel.

Ready to Ride

Out at the Bay







The ride finished in good time with refreshments and lunch at Froth Craft Brewery in Exmouth.  New friendships emerged and the group are now planning a longer and bigger ride on a Saturday during October to Coral Bay.  This will be an independent charity ride to raise funds for our valuable Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) for more info click here

The ride will include an overnight stay in Coral Bay with dinner and drinks after the ride.  So far riders from Karratha down to Geraldton and in between are aware of the ride.

More details to be added as they are confirmed but if you have friends or family members you think may wish to join this fun weekend please contact Alex King on 0413 941 739


Exmouth Ningalens Festival 2017

Exmouth Ningalens Festival is back and now in it’s third year. The 2017 programme falls over two nights in the centre of town!

A celebration of film, music and art on the Ningaloo coast

Friday 25/8/17 from 4:30 P.M in Kennedy St Mall, Exmouth

  • Films, Markets, Rooftop Music, Family Friendly

Exmouth Ningalens Festival is presented by act-belong-commit and encompasses  two evenings of entertainment.The film component is on the Friday involving screening of the films from the Ningalens Film Competition 2017 and more importantly followed by prizes awarded. The festival is proud to announce that acclaimed author and Ningaloo resident Tim Winton will again be a guest judge.  Coinciding with this are the Exmouth Community Markets with musical entertainment from Michael Triscari and James Abberley. 

Saturday 26/8/17 from 6 P.M at Froth Craft Brewery & Restaurant, Exmouth

  •  Music, Craft Beer, Projections, Stencil Graffiti Art

Exmouth Ningalens Festival continues with an 18+ event at Froth Craft with music, projection and street art.  This is a ticketed event with multiple stages, stencil graffiti art exhibited from the local TAFE, mural paintings, stalls and musical acts.

ExmouthNingalens Festival presented by act-belong-commit aims to help aspiring filmmakers from the region and besides that they also aim to promote the depth of local and state-wide talent from a variety of artistic pursuits such as music, film, dance, comedy, photography, painting and structural installations.

Music acts on Saturday are:

  • Tom Day
  • Million Dollar Clownfish
  • Lam Coats
  • Headliners Myles Mitchell & The Hot Mama Band

Pre-sale tickets at $30 for the Saturday evening are available over the counter at Froth Craft and on the night at the door.









Hope to see you at Ningalens 2017!


Exmouth Wildlife Care Group

Exmouth Wildlife Care Group is run by registered volunteers also known as Carers.  It is part of a nation wide network who work together to:

  • Care for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife
  • Rehabilitate and release wildlife back to their natural environment
  • Aim to prevent road accidents with wildlife through education and infrastructure

What They Do

A rescued animal will be assessed by the group’s coordinator. The animal may also need to be Vet checked. If the animal can be rehabilitated it will be allocated to a Carer.  The animal will then be cared for until it is ready for release.

Care group also do fund raising activities to assist with their upkeep.  When you are in town you may come across some Joeys enjoying a meet and greet usually at the Community Markets or outside a local venue such as the Visitor Centre.  For a small donation you can have a cuddle and photo taken.  It does depend on the day how the Joeys are our Carers only bring the Joeys along if they are relaxed and happy.  Even though they are being hand raised they are still a wild animal and our Carers will always put the animals welfare first.


Remember to always drive carefully and slowly particularly in the national park area where the wildlife is in abundance.

For more information on being Wildlife Wise please click on the flyer link below.  You will find helpful information here as well as contact numbers should you come across any injured or orphaned wildlife needing rescue

Exmouth Wildlife Care

Rescued Euro Joey – Milly

Ducklings Rescued

Rescued Euros – Opal & Joelene

Euro in Soft Release Pen – Leo

Barn Owl successfully released

Joeys successfully released

  How You Can Help

Donations are always welcomed by the Group.  The group does receive some annual grants but the costs are ongoing. Milk, Bedding, Feeding Bottles etc all have to be purchased on a regular basis. You will find plenty of places around town that have Wildlife Donation Tins. Alternatively you can make a donation either by visiting their Facebook Page, please click here , or during the booking process of any of our holiday homes. All proceeds go directly to maintaining and preserving our Local Wildlife

The most important way you can help is to be Wildlife Wise yourself and to pass your knowledge on to others.