When you listen to your guests!


When you listen to your guests.
We didn’t bury our head in the sand!

When you listen to your guests you learn alot I have found. But asking the right questions, is the hard part.

When you run your own business, you like to think that you have got all the answers, or at least most of the answers. And if you work on that premise, you will never grow and never truly give your guests what they want. But when you listen to your guests, it’s an easy transition to enlightenment. Where is this blog going you ask!

Over the last 6 years Ningaloo Reef Holidays has gone forward in leaps and bounds. Implementing online booking systems, accounting modules, survey forms, feedback forms, offering hire items, making life ‘automated’ in every possible way we could. But do you know what! That is not really what our customers wanted. They did want an EASY online booking system. They did want emails to pop into their inbox to remind them of payments and to tell them what to do. They wanted less fuss and bother. They wanted more personalised customer service.

We asked our guests! They told us!

Welcome to the new era of Lodgix. Our returning guests will now see a much simpler, streamlined booking process. Our new guests will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and logical our new booking system is. Ningaloo Reef Holiday Homes are thrilled to be moving forward with a pared back, simpler approach to booking. So we will have more time for those personalised customer service moments, more time to chat to our guests and answer questions. More time to enjoy what Exmouth and the Ningaloo Reef has to offer, (we love where we live).

Big shout out thanks to Scott Sansoni from Sanz Web Development he is a total legend and truly gets the hospitality and tourism industry. Also to the guys at Lodgix who have made the transition way too easy. They know customer service!

So we asked our guests what was important to them, and they answered. When you listen to your guests you can make a difference to how you operate.


Turtle nesting season in Exmouth

November to March is turtle nesting season in Exmouth. Your opportunity to bear witness to one of natures true spectacles. Watching as a loggerhead, hawksbill or green turtle haul itself ashore is an experience you will not forget. With eggs beginning to hatch now in February, chances are you could also see some baby turtles flap and slide their way down the beach towards the water.

A baby turtle makes it to the water

There are many beaches in Exmouth where you can observe turtles mating, nesting and hatching. Exmouth’s warm summer nights and early mornings are perfect for turtle watching.

During turtle nesting season, a turtle watching trip should start with a visit to the Jurabi Turtle Centre. It is open 24 hours and a quick tour will tell you all you need to know about our Ningaloo turtles as well as fill you in on the Turtle Watchers Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct, an abbreviated version of which can be seen at all the major rookeries, tells you how to avoid disturbing turtles embarking on this amazing night time spectacle. photo (7)

Turtle tours can be booked at the Exmouth Visitor Centre. As part of the tour, which can last 3-4 hours, you guide will tell you all there is to know about the three species of turtles that nest on the Ningaloo coast. Why are they special, what threatens them and what is being done to conserve the species?

If you are not so keen on the late nights and early mornings or you don’t want to test the kids patience and “quiet” ability at a late hour, you could try your luck in the early evening at one of the more popular rookeries like Wobiri Beach.

Take a picnic dinner to enjoy on the beachside picnic tables and explore the beach for sea creatures, shells and nesting sites.

Turtle tracks like the ones pictured can be seen leading to deep holes where the turtles have laid their eggs.

photo (11)


Watch the sun set over the water and look for turtles in the shallows, waiting for the light to fade before struggling up the beach.

Sun sets on Wobiri Beach

As it gets darker, the beach comes alive with sand crabs on the look out for a tasty turtle meal.

When the moon starts to glisten on the water, let your eyes adjust to the dark or take a dim light to guide you along the beach as you search for baby turtles hurtling towards shore.

And if you don’t see any turtles? There is always tomorrow

Choosing your Ningaloo Reef holiday accommodation

Exmouth accommodation - The Deck Lounge 2
Great Family living and a massive outside deck area

When it comes to booking a holiday, everyone researches their destination and most plan an itinerary to make sure that they make the most of their holiday time. But how much thought actually goes into booking your Ningaloo Reef Holiday accommodation?

Spending a bit of time thinking about what you need from your Ningaloo Reef holiday accommodation can be the difference between an average and an awesome holiday experience. Far from just being a place to sleep, choosing the right accommodation for your needs can take the hassle and angst out of any holiday by ensuring you have easy access to all the facilities and comforts that make a holiday a holiday.

This is especially true when booking a holiday home because, apart from being self contained, each one can offer an entirely different experience. Booking the right one is an easy way to make your holiday even more enjoyable.

So what are some of the things you might need to consider when booking a Ningaloo Reef Holiday home?

If you are heading to Exmouth for a family holiday, you might need to consider whether the property has beds that suit the age of your children. Do you want bunk beds or would you prefer king singles? Will an extra bathroom make it easier to get everyone through the shower after a day at the beach or out the door in time for your whale watching cruise or dinner? Proximity to the water playground and parks may also be a factor to consider, as well as whether or not you can walk into town for groceries, lunch or shopping.

If you have younger children you might prefer the security of an enclosed garden for the kids to play and undercover areas for playing during the hotter parts of the day.

Sailfish, Cobia, Coral and Poinciana are all popular homes for families enjoying holidays in Exmouth.

If you are looking for a couples retreat or a girls weekend away, you might prefer a luxury canal side apartment like Wave with a modern kitchen, private outdoor dining and canal views. Or are you looking for a house with a pool or located close to restaurants and Mantaray’s Resorts excellent cocktails?

For sailors and fishermen, you will need to book a holiday home that has enough space to securely park the boat and store your fishing gear. Poinciana, Pelican, Wahoo and Cobia have plenty of room for boats but if yours is on the larger side you might consider a canal side property like Whaleshark or Desert Rose which have private moorings that can be used throughout your stay.

So next time you are planning a holiday, take a few moments to consider your accommodation needs because booking the right holiday home can be the difference between a good and a great holiday experience.