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Pets on Holiday – Perth to Exmouth

Pet Friendly Accommodation from Perth to Exmouth!

Planning on a road trip to Exmouth with family, kids and pets to Exmouth? Need a place or two to stop at along the way that can accommodate everyone? We have created a list of pet friendly accommodation option from Perth to Exmouth, to suit all budgets.

We’ve included places along the Indian Ocean Drive and also places between Geraldton and Exmouth. To make things easy we’ve  included a link to each accommodation provider so you can book your stay with pets directly with each provider.

Holiday with pets at towns along the Indian Ocean Drive

Discover rolling white dunes, native wildflowers, remote landscapes, twinkling blue ocean views and golden sunsets along the Indian Ocean Drive. Winding along the West Australian Coast from Perth to Geraldton, the Indian Ocean Drive has much to see and many places to explore.

Dog Swimming Pets Friendly

Two Rocks & Yanchep Pet Friendly Accommodation

Two Rocks is located on the northern edge of the Perth suburbs, 61kms from the Perth city centre. Unspoilt beaches provide a popular stop over destination close to Perth. Green grassed dunes roll into white sandstone beaches and ideal swimming spots. The Barkin’ Barber have grooming packages for a bit of holiday dog loving!


Beach House

4 1/2 Stars | 10 Guests | From $80/night


Two Rocks Retreat Getaway

5 Stars | 8 Guests | From $151/night


Blue Fox Haven

12 Guests | From $330/night

Guilderton, Seabird & Moore River Pet Friendly Accommodation

Guilderton, Seabird and Moore River are part of the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. Offering white sandy beaches and huge sand dunes to explore. Guilderton is located 90kms north of Perth.


The Beach House Moore River

10 Guests | From $80/night



10 Guests | From $111/night


Moore River Holidays

14 Guests | From $330/night

Ledge Point & Lancelin Pet Friendly Accommodation

Lancelin is known for the massive sand dunes that become a playground for motorbikes, beach buggies and tour buses. A great place to stop over and have some fun sliding down the dunes on a board. Lancelin and Ledge Point are also popular surfing spots. Located 130kms north of Perth.

Ocean Farm


4 1/2 Stars | 11 Guests | From $150/night

Little Ledge


5 Stars | 7 Guests | From $170/night


Sea Esta Lancelin

5 Stars | 13 Guests | From $250/night

Cervantes & Jurien Bay Pet Friendly Accommodation

Jurien bay is located 220kms north of Perth, Cervantes and Jurien bay are small fishing industry and tourism towns. The area is known for the famous Pinnacles, ancient rock pillars standing tall in shifting sand dunes. Ancient marine fossils in Lake Thetis have featured on many worldwide documentaries.


Don’t Worry Be Happy

4 1/2 Stars | 9 Guests | From $125/night


Blue on the Boulevard

5 Stars | 8 Guests | From $200/night


Cervantes Beach House

4 1/2 Stars | 10 Guests | From $250/night

Green Head & Leeman Pet Friendly Accommodation

Several beautiful bays make Green Head a picturesque swimming, fishing, snorkelling stop over spot. The area is a popular destination for windsurfing. Leeman is located 260kms north of Perth.


Coastal Days in Leeman

5 Stars | 8 Guests | From $140/night


Green Head Cottage by the Sea

6 Guests | From $150/night


Ocean Views

5 Stars | 8 Guests | From $180/night

Port Denison & Dongara Pet Friendly Accommodation

Dongara is located 350kms north of Perth, Port Denison and Dongara are twin seaside fishing town. The town offers beautiful beaches, historic buildings and walking tails and century-old Moreton Bay fig trees.


Granny’s Beach Cottage

4 1/2 Stars | 6 Guests | From $125/night


Coral Coast Sunset Deck

4 1/2 Stars | 8 Guests | From $160/night


Cozzy’s Condo

5 Stars | 9 Guests | From $225/night


Geraldton is the largest coastal town north of Perth in the mid west region of Western Australia. Offering a great spot to pickup supplies like fuel, Geraldton also has larger shopping complexes and many facilities. The area is becoming a popular holiday destination offering nice swimming beaches, windsurfing spots, the Abrolhos Islands, large playgrounds and developed foreshores. Located 415kms north of Perth. There’s a few vets in Geraldton including Chapman Animal Hospital, Midwest Vet Centre, Sanford Vet Clinic and Animal Dermatology Clinic.


Pet friendly Cottage

4 1/2 Stars | 4Guests | From $95/night


Entire Beachfront Villa

4 Stars | 6 Guests | From $150/night


Sunset Beach House

5 Stars | 7 Guests | From $160/night

Holiday with dog Exmouth

Holiday with Pets from Geraldton to Exmouth


Kalbarri is located on the mouth of the Murchison River, 570kms north of Perth. Known for ‘Natures Window’ and the 400 million year old fossils, the area also offers rugged ranges, top surfing spots, red gorges and wildlife. Pets and Plants offer a doggy daycare service for visitors wanting to visit the national parks.


Cable Cottage Bed and Breakfast with Bed-Sit Cabin

5 Stars | 5 Guests | From $85/night


Surf Views Kalbarri

5 Stars | 6 Guests | From $147/night


SeaKist Retreat

15 Guests | From $270/night

Denham, Shark Bay & Monkey Mia

Denham and Monkey Mia are located in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area of Western Australia. The seaside town of Denham offers snorkelling, diving, marine life, fishing outside sanctuary zones and windsurfing. Close to Monkey Mia, famous for the dolphins, feeding times occurring between 7.30am and 12 noon. Visit the Shark bay World Heritage Discovery and Visitors Centre Website for more information about travelling with pets in the region.


Hartog Cottage 2 Denham

4 Stars | 5 Guests | From $126/night


Coastal Court Denham

4 1/2 Stars | 6 Guests | From $131/night


Shark Bay B&B

5 Stars | 3 Guests | From $189/night


Carnarvon boasts as being one of Western Australia’s most pet friendly towns. With the Coral Coast Doggy Day Care and the Coral Coast Doggy Day Spa this town is sure to be a popular stop over for your four legged family member. Beaches, walking tracks and tails blowholes and the Carnarvon Jetty make up just a few things to see and do in the region. View Carnarvon Visitors Centre Website for more information.


Carnarvon Oasis

5 Guests | From $150/night


Fish Tales

5 Stars | 6 Guests | From $150/night


Tropical Farm Stay

5 Stars | 6 Guests | From $180/night


The destination! We have a range of holiday homes in Exmouth that are pet friendly. View the all pet friendly accommodation in Exmouth for your stay. Exmouth is dog friendly and some of the Exmouth Beaches are dog friendly and make for a nice stroll on sunset.


Turtle Hut

3 Stars | 4 Guests | From $150/night


Mulla Mulla

3 Stars | 6 Guests | From $208/night



3 Stars | 8 Guests | From $231/night

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