Ultimate 7 Day Holiday Guide to Exmouth

Ultimate 7 Day Holiday Guide to Exmouth

Enjoy our 7 day, no plan needed, holiday guide to Exmouth

Visit one of Western Australia's best holiday locations and find out what to see and where to go using our Ultimate 7 Day Exmouth Holiday Guide! We give you a day-by-day holiday itinerary, all without the stress of planning!

Here's a quick overview of each day on the holiday guide with more in-depth daily activities listed in detail bellow.

Who this holiday guide is for

This holiday itinerary has been created for those visitors who fly into the region, so we assume you'll not have your own transport or many supplies. We have also assumed you'll be staying in one of our fantastic and affordable holiday homes for the duration of your stay :-)

Of course, if you have arrived in Exmouth by other means, or are one of the many travellers with a caravan or camper trailer, and will be staying in other accommodation types while here, this holiday guide can still be just as useful!

Interactive Exmouth Holiday Guide Map

Interactive Map

Planning & Supplies

As you are flying into the region it's unlikely you'll be carrying enough supplies for the duration of your stay in Exmouth, so here is some information about where to get food and other essentials.


Food and supplies can be brought from the local Exmouth shopping complex.

Bottle Shops in Exmouth

Exmouth has a few bottle shops and all are well stocked. Visit our 'Bottle Shops in Exmouth' page for a list and addresses.

Ice and Bait

Ice and bait can be brought from the local IGA stores. Ice can also be brought from the Bottle Shops.

Extras for Hire

We have a range of extras for hire should your holiday home not have something you require.

Concierge Service

If there is absolutely anything else you need for your Exmouth holiday, we can highly recommend Exmouth Concierge for their professional and friendly holiday accommodation and concierge services :-)

[caption id="attachment_2848" align="alignnone" width="800"]Ningaloo Centre The brand new Ningaloo Centre is open![/caption]

Day One - Getting to Exmouth

The first day in the holiday guide will be spent flying to Exmouth, picking up your hire car and settling into your holiday accommodation.


Flights from Perth to Exmouth

Flying is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get to Exmouth, and is a popular choice for overseas travellers and Australian locals alike, especially if holiday time is short.

Flights can be booked with Qantas or Jetstar and other online booking websites such as Webjet. The fight from Perth to Exmouth takes around 1 hour 55 minutes.

Arriving at Exmouth and Pick up a Hire Car

The Exmouth Airport is located at Learmonth RAAF Base, 35kms south of the town of Exmouth. You will need to hire a car at Learmonth to get around during the time you spend in the region. Your hire car can be picked up from the Learmonth Airport and will need to be organised before arriving.

Check in at your Accommodation

Time to discover where you will be relaxing for the next five nights.

Once booking is complete you will be provided a keylock code and directions to access the property. Check in time is strictly after 2pm. Should you need to arrive earlier at your property please contact the office at least two days prior to arrange.

After hours arrivals are fine. You can access your property and lock box anytime after 2pm when you arrive.

Our holiday homes are so comfortable you might not want to leave! They are all set up for 'walk in - walk out' ... simply carry in your suitcases and you're done!

Exmouth Town Centre

Duration: 30 Minutes + | Pack: Water | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 0km

Directions: Exmouth Town Centre is located on Maidstone Crescent. There's plenty of shops to check out and a water park for the kids. Here's your chance to have a look around and grab any supplies you might need for your holiday.

Refer to the list of links top of the page for ice, bait, food, extras for hire and Bottlo' supplies.

Ningaloo Centre

Duration: 1 Hour | Pack: Water | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 1km

Directions: The Ningaloo Centre is located on Murat Road.


While in Exmouth take some time to visit the Ningaloo Centre. The centre boasts:

  • An impressive 55,000-litre tank Aquarium with over 100 fish species, ten invertebrates.
  • Interpretive and interactive displays highlighting the unique ecology of the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef.
  • Three engaging visitor galleries.
  • Interpretive display areas.
  • Interactive elements.
  • Curious artefacts.
  • Library.
  • Research Centre
  • Ningaloo Information Centre.
  • The Ningaloo Centre often has a Travelling Exhibition Gallery.
  • Cafe
While at the Ningaloo Centre grab a coffee at the cafe and check out the Ningaloo Information Centre for tours and things to do in the region.


Dinner Out

The first night is always the most exhausting! Why not spend the night treating everyone to a dinner out at one of Exmouth's restaurants. We can recommend heading to Whalers Restaurant to try oysters or a seafood dish coupled with a crisp white wine.

[caption id="attachment_2847" align="alignnone" width="800"]Vlamingh Head Lighthouse Exmouth Vlamingh Head lighthouse and WW2 remnants.[/caption]

Day Two - Things to do close to Exmouth

Food to Take: Picnic lunch & snacks.

Day two of the holiday guide ... this will be the first full day in Exmouth. Start exploring and enjoying!


A. Exmouth

Pick up any supplies you may need including food, water, fuel, ice and bait.

Need Coffee?

The Short Order Local is located at Town Beach from 6:30am to 12:00pm daily. Serving good coffee, drinks and hot & cold breakfast foods.

B. Visit an old abandoned Ghost Town

Duration: 30 minutes | Pack: Water, Hats | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 4kms (6mi)

Directions: Heading north from the town centre take Murat Road. Turning left onto North C Street.


Just north of Exmouth is the old abandoned Harold E Holt Naval Communications Base. Built during the cold war the base helped establish the town of Exmouth.

A drive through the streets of the old ghost town base will provide a feeling of heading back in time and what Exmouth was like during the 60's and 70's. Old abandoned buildings and overgrown gardens create a ghost town.

The base was like a small slice of America located in a vast and remote part of the Australian Pilbara. Cadillacs and other American imported cars drove on the wrong side of the road, baseball was played at the field, there was a bowling alley and everything was paid for with American dollar bills.

The base was established and both American and Australian families lived together in the small community choosing to call Exmouth home. Today many of the old buildings in Exmouth are from the 60's and 70's. Some of our holiday homes, 'the block homes', are from this time. Theses houses were built strong enough to withstand bombs and today are perfect for withstanding cyclones.

The base is free to drive around and look at however the buildings are private property.

C. Bundegi Beach Exploring

Duration: 2 hours | Pack: Water, Bathers, Hats | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 14kms

Directions: From Harold E Holt Naval Communications Base continue to head north along Murat Road until reaching Bundegi Beach.


Time to get wet! Bundegi Beach is located on the east side of the Northwest Cape and is often sheltered from strong winds coming from the west coast oceans.

A boat ramp, small jetty, toilets and beach access walk tracks are located along the 4.2km white sandy beach. Fishing is permitted in parts of the Bundegi beach shoreline... View the Exmouth fishing zones map for more detailed fishing spots.

Things to do at Bundegi

  • Hire a SUP board
  • Snorkel the reef. The reef is located 500m offshore and is recommended for strong swimmers. Two kayak moorings are located over the reef.
  • Catch fresh fish for dinner. A popular spot for GT's, Queenfish, whiting and bream.
  • Relax on the sand with a good book
  • Have a swim in the clear waters
  • Take a walk along the beach to the Navy Jetty. Take plenty of water and allow around an hour and a half return trip.
Lunch at Bundegi Beach

Bundegi has picnic tables and is the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic lunch after spending the morning on the beach. The north end of Bundegi also has toilets and water.

D. Exploring the Reef at low tide and Discovering a Shipwreck

Duration: 30 Minutes | Pack: Water, hats | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 21.7kms

Directions: From Bundegi Beach head south along Murat Road and take a turn right onto Yardie Creek Road. From Yardie Creek Road turn onto Mildura Wreck Road.


A short drive from Bundegi Beach is the wreck of SS Mildura, located at Lighthouse Bay.

A walk over the sand dunes will spot the SS Mildura Wreck on the reef just offshore. However we don't recommend a snorkel around the rusting ship as it lies in strong currents and is home to sharks. The wreck provides the ideal conditions for a shark nursery. Sometimes from the shore a shark fin can be spotted cruising the reef.

The SS Mildura was a 1,394–ton steamship carrying 498 cattle from Wyndham to Fremantle and wrecked on March 10, 1907. All the crew were safely rescued and the cattle were released to swim ashore, however most of the Kimberley beef didn't make it. The timbers and irons of the vessel were salvaged and used in renovations for Yardie Homestead. During World War II the shipwreck was used for bombing practice. The ship running onto the reef at the Northwest Cape helped lead to the building of the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse.

Today from the shore visitors can see some of the ships remains being washed by the ocean.

Explore the Reef on a Low Tide

The reef at Lighthouse beach is active and alive. Take some time to walk around and explore. Take care where you tread and wear reef walkers... The reef is home to many types of sea creatures, some deadly and the reef itself is a living organism.

Types Fauna to spot on the Exmouth Reef

  • Octopus including the common and Blue Ringed
  • Hermit Crabs
  • Cone Shells
  • Sea Sponges
  • Small fish including the Clown Fish (Nemo)
  • Anemones
  • Star Fish
  • Hairy Crab
  • Rock Crab
  • Prawns
  • Turtles
  • Sea Snakes
  • Snails
  • Mollusks such and the Nautilus and Clams
Along the drive out of Mildura Wreck Road there's a carpark track to Dunes Beach. A popular surf spot and with the right conditions locals will be catching some waves. Dunes Beach provides a short wave reef break.

E. Views from the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

Duration: 30 Minutes | Pack: Water, hats | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 17kms

Directions: From Mildura Wreck Road turn right onto Yardie Creek Road until reaching a left turn onto Johnson Road. This is the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse lookout road.


A short drive from Lighthouse Beach is the Vlamingh Head Lighthouse.

Built in 1912 the lighthouse has withstood cyclones, incredibly hot summer heat and strong winds for over 100 years. A popular spot to catch a sunset or sunrise, one of the very few lighthouses in Australia to watch both sunset or sunrise over the ocean.

The lighthouse is located at the very top of the North West Cape and has history related to WWII. Old bunkers and gun points can be spotted driving up to the lookout. Plenty of history is documented on signs.


Heading Home

After a day spent exploring, swimming and relaxing on the beach it's time to head back to your accommodation.

Sit back and enjoy the afternoon with a bottle of wine and nibbles, watching the sunset as your first full holiday guide in Exmouth comes to a close.

[caption id="attachment_2850" align="alignnone" width="800"]Whale Shark tour Exmouth Western Australia Whale sharks are an annual migratory visitor to the Ningaloo Reef[/caption]

Day 3 - Go on an Exmouth Tour

Food to Take: Ask your tour guide when booking, some tours provide all food and drinks.

Day 3 of the holiday guide will see you enjoying yourself out on a fully planned tour.


Book an Exmouth Tour

Duration: 4 hours + | Pack: Water, hats | Entry Cost: POA | Distance From Exmouth: Within Exmouth Region.

Directions: Most Exmouth tour companies will have a pickup and drop off service. Please ask when booking.


One of the best ways to see Exmouth during this holiday guide is to go with the locals. The tour guides can show you places only they can get to. The only question is what tour to choose... Here's out pick for Day 3.

Head down for a sunset at town beach. Catch a sunset as the sun sets over the range and if your lucky a full moon will rise over the Exmouth Gulf. The Pilbara sky and water colours have a way of blurring into one melting pot with the right winds and tides.


Heading Home

After a day out on a tour you might want to head out for a bite to eat. Blue Lips Fish and Chips offer local fish cooked to your liking. Town beach is a locals spot and is perfect to kick back at the tables, enjoying your fish and chips with a beer or wine.

[caption id="attachment_2853" align="alignnone" width="800"]Yardie Creek Yardie Creek Gorge has permanent water and is home to the Black Footed Rock Wallaby.[/caption]

Day 4 - Explore the southern half of Cape Range National Park

Food to Take: Picnic morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea.

Holiday Guide day four is time to pack a picnic and head out early to the Cape Range National Park. Park pass entry fees apply to enter the World Heritage listed area for the day.


A. Exmouth

Pickup any supplies you may need including food, water, fuel, ice and bait.

B. Walk back in time and discover the Mandu Mandu Gorge

Duration: 3 hour + | Pack: Sunscreen, water, hats | Entry Cost: Park Pass Fee | Distance From Exmouth: 68kms

Directions: From Exmouth head north along Murat Road towards Cape Range National Park. Travelling past the lighthouse keep going until you reach the Departments of Parks and Wildlife entry gate. Keep travelling along the road until reaching Mandu Mandu Gorge turn off on the left.


The 3km return Mandu Mandu Gorge grade 3 walk track is best explored in the early hours of the morning when the sun still rising and situated behind the range, offering a shady cool place to walk. Signs along the walk track will guide you through the bottom and then across the top of the range.

Walk over the cool rocks in the gorge where water has cut away layers of ancient rock. Fossil bearing limestone formation rock has been home to the Jinigudira people for an estimated 30,000 years of habitation. Artefacts have been discovered in Mandu Mandu Gorge. Watch for the snakes, lizards, bats and the black-footed rock wallaby, unique to Cape Range.

A stop at the top of the gorge overlooking the Turquise waters of the Ningaloo Reef provides a perfect morning tea snack spot.

C. Swim at Sandy Bay

Duration: 1 Hour | Pack: Sunscreen, water, hats | Entry Cost: Park Pass Fee | Distance From Exmouth: 79.1kms

Directions: Leaving the Mandu Mandu Gorge turn left onto Yardie Creek Road. Travel for 13.4km south. Take a right turn into the Sandy Bay carpark.


Sandy Bay is often described as an unpopulated Coral Bay. The large sand bar creates an ideal safe swimming environment for kids. Picnic benches with shade overlook the clear sandy water make for an ideal lunch stop over. The beach is easily accessible and is a short walk from the car park. Sandy Bay provides a perfect spot to have some lunch and relax in the water. On windy days kite surfers can be seen skimming out of the water preforming tricks and jumps. Large GT's, dolphins and stingrays sometimes cruise the shallow waters.

D. Explore Yardie Creek

Duration: 1 hour | Pack: Sunscreen, water, hats | Entry Cost: Park Pass Fee | Distance From Exmouth: kms

Directions: Leaving the Sandy Bay carpark, turn right onto Yardie Creek Road, heading south. The road follows the range all the way to Yardie Creek carpark.

Description: Yardie Creek is unique in the fact that it holds water all year round. A tour boat can be booked in season to have a ride up the creek. Toilets and picnic benches are also located at Yardie Creek. A pathway leads along Yardie Creek, over the top of the range. The walk track is made into two parts. The first leg is 500m and around 30 minutes return. The second half of the walk is 1.5km and around 1 hour return, grade 3.

Things to watch out for include, large turtles in the creek, fruit bats in the fig trees, emus walking the track and lizards in the sunshine. Black-footed rock wallabies can sometimes be seen sitting in the shade of the tress during the heat of the day. At the beginning of the track fossils of coral can be spotted in the limestone rock formations.

Book a Tour as part of your holiday guide

Yardie Creek Boat Tour departs at 11:00am and 12:30pm daily. Phone directly (08) 9949 2920 to make a booking.

E. Snorkel Oyster Stacks

Duration: 2 hours | Pack: Sunscreen, water, hats | Entry Cost: Park Pass Fee | Distance From Exmouth: 66.4kms

Directions: Leaving Yardie Creek head north back towards Exmouth. Oyster Stacks is located about 25 minutes (21.5km) north of Yardie Creek. Turn left into the Oyster Stacks car park.


Visiting Oyster Stacks is on my peoples must do in Exmouth lists. The five isolated islets that protrude from the reef are literally covered with oysters. The stacks provide a home to many types of marine life.

Snorkel on a high tide and is recommended for more experienced snorkellers. Climbing into the water can sometimes be a little tricky. Reef walkers are recommended. Please be careful not to stand on the reef as it is protected and part of the sanctuary zone.


Heading Home

Time to head back to Exmouth. Be careful if driving back at dusk, the roads can have kangaroos hopping around. Hopefully everyone will be feeling beached out with salty hair and sandy toes.

Feel like ordering in? Sea Salt offers a delivery services on Thursday to Sunday nights from 6pm (Seasonal). Recommend is the Venison Enison Fillet Steak with Native Pepperbery Jus. Coupled with a Flametree Embers Cabernet Sauvignon. Sea Salt also offers dinning in if you prefer to eat out.

[caption id="attachment_2856" align="alignnone" width="800"]Charles Knife Charles Knife Canyon has great views![/caption]

Day 5 - WWII History and Charles Knife

Food to Take: Picnic Morning Tea & Picnic Lunch.

Head South on day 5 on the holiday guide! Exmouth has a few holiday guide things worth seeing south of the townsite. The area offers a different type of scenery to the west side of Cape Range.


A. Exmouth

Pickup any supplies you may need including food, water, fuel, ice and bait.

B. Pebble Beach

Duration: 30 minutes | Pack: Sunscreen, water, hats | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 12.1kms

Directions: Head south on Minilya Exmouth Road for about ten minutes. Turn left onto Pebble Beach Road. The carpark is located at the end of the short dirt road. Suitable for two wheel drive cars.


Pebble beach is covered in unique gravel and pebbles washed down from the range from Shothole Canyon. The beach is used for swimming and net fishing by mostly locals. All of the pebbles are protected and although very tempting to keep a few, imagine how heavy it would make a suitcase! Fossils can also sometimes be spotted amongst the rock formations washed out form the range.

C. Charles Knife Canyon

Duration:  1 hour | Pack: Sunscreen, water, hats | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 25.8kms

Directions: Leaving Pebble Beach, head south onto the Minilya Exmouth Road. 14.6km south of pebble beach Charles Knife Road heads off to the right.


Charles Knife Canyon has a drive that's not for the faint hearted! The road leads up over the top of the range. At times the gravel road has a sheer drop off on either side. At the top Charles Knife lookout offers rewarding views over the Exmouth gulf.

The Charles Knife Canyon road was originally used for the historical Wapet Oil Well test holes explored byWest Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd (WAPET). The exploration oil wells make up a series that were drilled in the early 1950s. Oil was discovered at Rough Range No 1 Well in 1953 however, the oil proved of insufficient commercial value. After continuing the search in 1964 oil was found atBarrow Island and today is still producing oil. Today the wells hold historical and scientific heritage significance providing an example of the remote locations where oil exploration. The site also showcases an example of how wells were capped during the early period of oil exploration in Australia.

The Badjirrajirra Loop Trail is an 8km, class 4 trail. Allow 2 to 3 hours for the walk. Take plenty of water and hats. There's no water on the track. A high level of fitness is recommended.

The drive down from the top of the range offers amazing views... A few spots offer areas to pull over and take photos. In the right season young emu chicks can be seen in the area.

D. Fishing at WWII Learmonth Jetty

Duration:  1 hour + | Pack: Sunscreen, water, hats, fishing rods | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 32.3kms

Directions: Head south on Minilya Exmouth Road for about ten minutes. Turn left onto Pebble Beach Road. The carpark is located at the end of the short dirt road. Suitable for two wheel drive cars.


Learmonth was named after Charles Learmonth. Charles was a wing commander for the RAAF. He died in a plane crash on the 6th of January 1944. Charles saved lives by radioing a fault with his Beaufort bomber before he crashed. He was flying in formation with the two other Beaufort bomber who got immediately grounded. Thanks to Charles Learmonth’s quick thinking he saved the lives of the other pilots and crew.

The jetty was built to provide supplies for the oil exploration in Rough Range and Cape Range in 1953. West Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd (WAPET) first used an old WWII refuelling pontoon as a pier before building the jetty. Up until the late 1970s the jetty was used for servicing prawn trawlers.

Today the Jetty is only used for recreational fishing. The Fishing and Tackle World shop offers a range of fishing gear, including hand lines from under $10 to the best range of fishing rods this side of Perth. They also have bait and ice. drop in and have a chat to them about grabbing some fishing gear. Know your zones.... The staff at Tackle World can also help with areas you can fish in.


Heading Home

Dinner ideas! Cadillac's bar & grill is a bar with a difference! Step back into the days when Exmouth had a large American influence at the cowboy themed bar. The American themed food is served quickly and the staff are friendly. Be warned - The meals are large! Try a Honky Tonk Angus Burger or Cadillac Red Neck Ribs with a beer on tap.

[caption id="attachment_2857" align="alignnone" width="800"]Turquoise Bay Turquoise Bay is a fantastic snorkelling location where the reef is right at your feet.[/caption]

Day 6 - Finding Turtles at Exmouth

Food to Take: Picnic lunch & Snacks.

The holiday guide last full day in Exmouth and we have saved the best 'till last!


A. Exmouth

Pickup any supplies you may need including food, water, fuel, ice and bait.

B. Jurabi Turtle Centre

Duration:  30 Minutes | Pack: Sunscreen, water, hats | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 20.8kms

Directions: Leaving Exmouth head towards the Cape Range National Park on Murat Road. About 19 minutes into the trip, just after the lighthouse turn right into the Jurabi Turtle Centre.


What's a an Exmouth holiday guide without turtles? The Jurabi Turtle Centre has been setup to provide a turtle viewing educational display. With information on the four marine turtle species found on the North West Cape. There's real turtles (although no longer living), information and displays.

C. Jansz and Beach

Duration:  1 hour + | Pack: Sunscreen, water, hats | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 24.9kms

Directions: From the Jurabi Turtle Centre keep heading towards Cape Range National Park. About 23 minutes into the drive a sign will indicate a right turn into Jansz Beach carpark.


On 31st July in 1681 captain Lenaert Jacobszoon sailed the vessel Mauritius past the North West Cape. Onboard was Willem Janszoon, former captain of the Duyfken. Willem Janszoon name is sometimes abbreviated to Willem Jansz. They mistakenly believed the North West Cape to be a large island. Not hard to believe when you see Jansz... The beach feels like a tropical Island.

Jansz Beach is about the area that the Mauritius may have landed in 1681.

Turtles are known to nest on the beach in season. Jansz Beach is also a popular locals fishing and swimming spot.

D. Snorkel Turquoise Bay

Duration:  2 hours+ | Pack: Sunscreen, water, hats | Entry Cost: Free | Distance From Exmouth: 63.8kms

Directions: From Jansz Beach head south towards Cape Range National Park. Pay the entry fees and proceed to Turquoise Bay. About 30 minutes from Jansz Beach.


Turquoise Bay is known as  one of Western Australia's best beaches and is a must see spot during your holiday guide! The coral reef is only a few meters from the white sandy shore. The tropical Island feeling from Jansz Beach only proves to increase at Turquoise Bay. Large Dart will swim happily around legs as people walk into the shallow waters to snorkel.

There's a rich diversity of coral, fish and other marine life within the two snorkelling areas at Turquoise Bay. The 'Drift' is a current that sweeps along over the reef, allowing snorkellers to drift along and view the marine life. The water currents can be strong, please take care.

The second carpark offers a more sheltered swimming and snorkelling area without the 'Drift'.

This sanctuary zone in Ningaloo Marine Park is protected and full of life, please take care when snorkelling.

Holiday Guide Last Night in Exmouth

The last full day in Exmouth is a perfect time to watch a very last sunset at the lighthouse. Witness a sun set over the ocean and if you're lucky the whales will be at play. Reflect under the clear open skies, let the vibrant colours fill your thoughts and colour your memories. Pack and picnic dinner and a glass of wine - make sure you have a skipper.

Day 7 - Flights to Perth

Day 7 will end your ultimate Exmouth holiday guide experience .... where memories were made ... now it's time to fly to back Perth :-(

A little part of the WA Pilbara will stay with you forever. We hope you have taken parts of this holiday guide to Exmouth and discovered Exmouth!

If you would like to pick up some souvenirs, postcards or holiday memorabilia, call into the local Exmouth News agency.

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