10 Useless Things To Pack for Holiday

10 Useless Things To Pack for Holiday

What to Pack for Holiday... Planning on spending time in the sun, surf and sand? A holiday is so exciting it's often easy to overlook the most essential items and bring the most unnecessary things.

After a quick Google search there's plenty of blog posts and websites outlining in detail all the items to pack for holiday to a sunny destination. So we thought we'd give you some details on what to leave at home!

Here's our list of 'What NOT to Pack for Holiday to Exmouth!' and a few hot tips on what to pack.

10 Useless Things to Pack for Holiday to Ningaloo


Yep, Exmouth is remote and a little off the main road... But never fear! We do have electricity to all of our holiday homes. The candles can stay at home. Apparently, candles are good for waterproofing bags and shoes too... Yep, won't be needing much waterproofing either. Actually, that leads onto the next 'What Not To Pack Item'...

A Raincoat

Well... What can we say, it's almost always summertime in Exmouth! Even if your holiday happens to be on the one or two rainy days we get here each year, the rain is often warm and best dealt with when wearing bathers.

Ugg Boots

The Ningaloo region can get a little crisp and a light jumper is sensible, for the early mornings and late evenings, however Ugg Boats might be a little over the top. Swap out the Uggies for a set of snorkels and flippers!

A Photo of Dear Mum

Ok, yes we all love our mums and if you feel the need to bring along a photo, why not bring along your mum in person instead? Actually, bring along the whole family and good friends! We have holiday accommodation to suit large group bookings.

Snow Gear

Yep. No snow here. Although, most of the beaches have sand as white as snow. A pair of polarised sunnies, a hat, 30+ SPF sunscreen, beach towels and a good book are all recommended for days spent relaxing at the beach.

The Kitchen Sink

Our holiday homes are equipped with fully self contained kitchens that contain everything including cutlery, plates, cups, can openers and even a kitchen sink. We have everything you need to whip up a yummy batch of freshly caught Coral Trout, chilli Exmouth prawns or whatever your heart desires! Just add food and you're all set to turn your holiday home kitchen into a Master Chief Kitchen!

A Childhood Teddy Bear

Ok, so Mr Bean would always pack 'Teddy' for a vacation, but unless you get really home sick, your childhood teddy bear could stay tucked up safe and sound in your bed awaiting your return. However, keep some space in the luggage bag for a souvenir or two from the Ningaloo Visitor Centre. If stuffed, soft, fluffy things with large cute eyes tend to exploit your loving personality there's even cuddly Whale Sharks and turtle teddies to take home.

The Family TV

Love the footy? Can't live with the thought of going on holiday and missing 'the big match' or an episode of 'Home and Away'? Not to worry! All our holiday homes have TVs and some even have more than 1! Yay, that long awaited holiday you have always dreamed of can now come true! All our homes are fully furnished and comfortable. They come in all styles, shapes and sizes to suit all budgets too. No need to pack the family TV.

Beach Umbrella

I know what you're thinking... Going to the beach, pack the umbrella. Sure, sounds good... Until it comes time to pack the car, than the seemingly small beach umbrella suddenly grows into an awkward, bulky nightmare. Eeeek! Not to mention trying to fit one into a suitcase for a plane trip! Oh no! Don't worry, no stress... We're here to help and have beach umbrellas for hire. We also have all the other hard to pack, bulky items for hire too, like highchairs, iceboxes, portacots, beach towels and much more.


Hmmm... Not sure why anyone would take chickens on holidays. Maybe for fresh eggs?? Not sure. Our Holiday Homes are fully self contained, however, food is not provided so before your add 'chicken' to your packing list, we'd like to express that the Exmouth local IGA supermarkets have fresh eggs, milk, bread and food. Snorkelling and swimming all day is bound to work up an appetite, so be sure to pick up all your needed food and toiletries from the Exmouth town centre. There's also a chemist, novelty shops, surf shops, cafes and bottle shops.

We hope our tips of 'What NOT to Pack for Holiday' has helped you plan your stay. We will leave you with a photo of our friendly local chickens... And before you ask... Nope, we don't eat their eggs ;-)

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