Yardie Creek

Yardie Creek

Yardie Creek Location

Located in Cape Range National Park in Western Australia, Yardie Creek is a unique water system with water all year round in an otherwise dry landscape. Flowing into the World Heritage Ninglaoo Reef Marine Park, Yardie Creek offers a home for a diverse range of wildlife.

Walk the high cliffs that drop into the creek, spot turtles and fish. Take a swim at the beach near Yardie creek or a boat tour. Yardie Creek is also known for it's fishing and surfing areas.

Yardie Creek is located 54.3kms from Exmouth, Western Australia. Located along the sealed Yardie Creek Road, approximately 45 minutes from the town of Exmouth.

Yardie Creek Facilities

Shady picnic areas with picnic tables and toilets are located close to the car park. Yardie Creek Road is sealed until the carpark.


Yardie Creek Boat Tour

Jump on a tour! Allow a local Exmouth Tour guide to show you the best of Yardie Creek! The 'Yardie Creek Boat Tours' take visitors on an informative eco friendly cruise up the creek. 'Boxy' the skipper and tour guide has lived in Exmouth most of his life and has extensive knowledge of the creek. Along for the ride is 'Ash' the wildlife guide who has a passion for bird life and is keen to share the sights and sounds of the local wildlife.

Highly recommended and well worth doing!

A bus can pick up people from accommodation places for $35/ per person. The tour prices are as follows:

Adults $35.00
Children(6-15) $15.00
Concession $30.00
Family(2Ad + 1-2Ch) $80.00
Infants to 5yrs old* FREE!
[caption id="attachment_2972" align="alignnone" width="550"]Black Footed Rock Wallaby Black Footed Rock Wallaby photo from Tripadvisor[/caption]


The gorge is home to many types of wildlife, both marine and land loving.

The rare black-footed rock wallaby is often seen sitting on the rocks in the cliff faces, shading from the sun.

Fruit Bats hang squawking in the trees during the evenings. Birds including Egrets, Ospreys and Bowerbirds often rest and nest around the creek.

Large Sea Turtles are often spotted in the creek coming up for air and swimming lazily around. Many types of fish including the common rock cod and milk fish. Some say that the gorge is home to mach larger fish unseen bellow the surface.


Starting at the car park a walk trail winds along the creeks edge and over the cliffs. The walk is easy for the first 500 meters, becoming more difficult for the second part of the 1.5kms walk as the path climbs up over the rocky cliffs.

There's an amazing view from the top of the gorge bellow. Wildlife can be spotted along the tracks including emus and lizards.


The mouth of the river is often open allowing small boats to be loaded off in the creek. Fish that can be caught around the Yardie Creek mouth include Spanish Marckerel, Wahoo, Barracuda, Trevally, Queenies, Tuna, Whiting, Sharks, Mullet, Garfish and Mulloway.

Do you know your zones? Fishing zone information leaflets can be found at the local Department of Parks and Wildlife office. Large fines are applicable for fish caught within the no fishing zones.


The Ningaloo reef offers some top surfing spots including the Yardie Creek reef breaks. The surf breaks lie offshore close to the edge of the reef and you'll need a boat to get there. The best swell arrives between July and October. Known for it's barrels and turtles this break is often perfectly breaking without a soul on the waves. Making it an ideal destination for a surfer who likes a wave all to themselves. Like to Snorkel?... The snorkelling conditions are unreal too... pack a mask!

The Locals can be found at Dunes, which is just about a 10min drive out of Exmouth around the North West Cape. Head out towards the Lighthouse, and before you get that far, turn right at Mildura Wreck signage. You will find a well driven track to your left, with a beach shelter and very often a food van for hungry surfers needing a caffeine hit. That's Dunes.

Canoeing, Kayaking and SUPing Yardie Creek

The perfect place to jump into a kayak or canoe or even a stand up paddle board and see the creek. Allow a bit of time to explore the creek and see the wildlife on the gorge rocks. Keeping to the water allows the wildlife a pristine environment to make their home.

[caption id="attachment_2974" align="alignnone" width="960"]Crossing Yardie Creek Crossing Yardie Creek photo from Yardie Creek Boat Tours Facebook Page[/caption]


Heading south there's some remote beaches and Ningloo Station. The road keeps travelling past Yardie all the way to Coral Bay. However... Traveller be aware! The river crossing claims cars on a regular basis. Check with the local Exmouth Information Centre for the latest updates on the crossing conditions. Things that can effect the crossing include the time of year, the amount of rain that the region has had and the river mouth conditions.


Camping facilities are available at Yardie Creek. The Department of Parks and Wildlife website has more information. Do you like a little extra comfort? We can help! Exmouth Holiday Homes have a range of holiday houses to suit all budgets and styles! Check out all of our Exmouth accommodation listings when planning your stay to see Yardie Creek.

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