Taste Exmouth Beer!

Taste Exmouth Beer!

Something's got the town talking... Yep everyone's mouths are watering! The weather is heating up and the air is drying out and there's something new to do in Exmouth that we all want to taste!

Whalebone Brewing Company is brewing boutique Exmouth beers and cooking up a storm with their yummy pizza!

Perfect for warm weekend summer sessions spent on holidays with family and friends in Exmouth.

Beers on tap include 'Session Ale', 'Amber Ale', 'Wheat Bier' and an oldie but a goodie 'Ginger Beer'.

Excited Exmouth locals and visitors are queuing up for a sip of locally brewed Exmouth beer and a taste of freshly cooked pizza!

Best Exmouth Beer In Town!

Gecko68hoopla on Tripadvisor sums up his experience at Whalebone Brewing Company ...

"Just opened and the boys are brewing their own beer from the shed and serving the best pizza in town. Beers are chewy and full, and pizza is thin and funky. Hung out with some mates on a sunny arvo, sitting on kegs and had a chilled time. Very casual, no service, just good beer and pizza. Its in a parking lot at the back of a shed, so don't expect anything fancy, but do expect good beer".

Something wet and tasty is sure to please the visitors to Exmouth during the warmer months of the year... With warm weather on the way how nice would a cold beer go down? After all how many excuses does one need to consume a good feed of local hospitality?

So you're thinking... Show me the beer!... Right? Get yourself down to 27 Patterson Way on Friday and Saturday from 3pm until late.

If you're feeling hot and need to cool off after a day out exploring and enjoying your poolside accommodation ...This summer season be sure to drop in and have a locally brewed Exmouth beer and slice of pizza.

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