Perth to Exmouth Drive Itinerary for 10 Days!

Perth to Exmouth Drive Itinerary for 10 Days!

See some of the best spots along the West Australian Northern coast on a 10 day self drive from Perth to Exmouth. Our Perth to Exmouth Drive Itinerary showcases the best beaches and towns to stop at along the way! We have listed a range of accommodation options to stay at, from tent sites to high class accommodation... A place to rest your head each night whatever your style.

This Perth to Exmouth Drive Itinerary is designed for 10 days, however it can be easily customised to suit a longer or shorter trip.

Day 1 Perth to Kalbarri
Day 2 Kalbarri to Coral Bay
Day 3 Coral Bay to Exmouth
Day 4 Exmouth
Day 5 Exmouth
Day 6 Exmouth
Day 7 Exmouth to Carnarvon
Day 8 Carnarvon to Shark Bay
Day 9 Shark Bay to Jurien Bay
Day 10 Jurien Bay to Perth

Kalbarri Natures Window Perth to Exmouth Drive Itinerary

Day 1 Perth to Kalbarri

Distance: 569km Time Spent Driving: 6 1/2 Hours. Tip: Best time to leave Perth is at 5am, arriving at 11:30am. If you have an extra night to spare, consider a stop at Geraldton. Budget Accommodation: Kalbarri Tudor Holiday Park tent site (08) 9937 1077 Middle Range Accommodation: Kalbarri Palm Resort (08) 9937 2333 Resort Style Accommodation: Kalbarri Beach Resort (08) 9937 1061 Grab a bite: Dirt Dust N Diesels Outback Restaurant (08) 9918 2705 Things to See & Do:

Kalbarri is a small seaside town with a history of cray fishing and farming. Just out of town is a gorge that's famous for fossils dating back between four and five hundred million years, time locked into the sandstone. The beaches are well known for fishing and surfing, especially 'Jakes' at Jacques Point. Here's a few things to do at Kalbarri:

  • Take a hike to Nature's Window
  • Go swimming at Chinaman's Beach
  • Visit Hawks Head Lookout
  • Watch Pelican Feeding at Point Kalbarri
Coral Bay

Day 2 Kalbarri to Coral Bay

Distance: 674.8 kms Time Spent Driving: 7 Hours Tip: Best time to leave Kalbarri is at 5am, arriving at lunch time. Budget Accommodation: Peoples Park tent site (08) 9942 5933 Middle Range Accommodation: Bayview Coral Bay Park Cabins (08) 9385 6655 Resort Style Accommodation: Ningaloo Reef Resort (08) 9942 5934 Grab a bite: Bill's Tavern (08) 9948 5156 Things to See & Do:

Coral Bay is a tucked away tiny paradise. The seaside community relays on tourism as it's main industry. The beaches offer warm waters and sunny days. The free fish feeding is one of the most popular activities for tourist to do and is run daily from the point. Tours oportate from Coral bay and can be booked at the tourist centre. Here's a few things to do at Coral Bay:

  • Snorkel over the colourful reefs
  • Relax on the sand with a good book at Bill's Bay
  • Help feed the Norwest Snapper and fish at 3pm daily
  • Stop in at the bakery for a homemade sweet
  • Visit the marina and have a fish
[caption id="attachment_1228" align="alignnone" width="810"] 3 Islands Tour Boat[/caption]

Day 3, Day 4, Day 5 & Day 6 Coral Bay to Exmouth

Distance: 150.5kms Time Spent Driving: 1 1/2 Hours Tip: Spend the morning lazing around Coral Bay. The best time to leave is just after lunch. Arriving at Exmouth at 2pm. Budget AccommodationPelican Holiday Home or Potshot (08) 9949 1200 Middle Range Accommodation: Frangipani Holiday Home or RAC Exmouth Cape Holiday Park Cabin 1800 871 570 Resort Style Accommodation: Wave Holiday Home or Mantarays Ningaloo Beach Resort (08) 9949 0000 Grab a bite: Here's a list of where to eat in Exmouth. Cadillac’s Honky Tonk Bar & Grill is a popular spot. (08) 9949 1000. Things to See & Do:

The middle of the Perth to Exmouth Drive Itinerary and time to enjoy Exmouth! For the next few days spend some time visiting the Cape Range National Park or exploring the Exmouth region. Need ideas to get you started... Here's a few things to get your taste buds excited:

Carnarvon Jetty

Day 7 Exmouth to Carnarvon

Distance: 363.4kms Time Spent Driving: 4 Hours Tip: Best time to leave is at 7am arriving at 11pm just in time for lunch. Budget AccommodationWintersun Caravan and Tourist Park tent site (08) 9941 8150 Middle Range Accommodation: Best Western Hospitality Inn Carnarvon (08) 9941 1600 Resort Style Accommodation: Gateway Motel Carnarvon (08) 9941 6900 Grab a bite: Sails Restaurant (08) 9941 1600 Things to See and Do:

Carnarvon is a tropical fruit bowl where visitors go to chase the winter sun. Banana plantations line to road into Carnarvon, a small town popular over winter with visitors. Local seafood is also a popular drawcard for visitors. A gateway to Quobba Station and a coastline known for big surf and big fish. Spend some time visiting Carnarvon's Space and Technology Museum that was built in 1964 to support NASA's Gemini, Apollo and Skylab programs.

  • Visit the Space and Technology Museum
  • Take a walk on the one mile jetty
  • Visit the museum
  • Eat a frozen chocolate Banana
  • Take a walk along the water front Fascine
  • Buy some fresh prawns and crabs to enjoy eating for dinner
  • Stroll around the Gascoyne Growers Market
  • Visit Gwoonwardu Mia - Gascoyne Aboriginal Heritage and Culture Centre
Shark Bay

Day 8 Carnarvon to Shark Bay

Distance: 333.9kms Time Spent Driving: 4 Hours Tip: Best time to leave is at 5am arriving at 9am, leaving most of the day to see the area. Budget Accommodation: Shark Bay Caravan Park tent site (08) 9948 1387 Middle Range Accommodation: Shark Bay Holiday Cottages (08) 9948 1206 Resort Style Accommodation: RAC Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort (08) 9948 1320 Grab a bite: The Old Pearler Restaurant (08) 9948 1373 Things to See & Do:

Shark Bay has recently been featured on Sir David Attenborough's Blue Planet II... making it a must do spot to stop at on the Perth to Exmouth Drive Itinerary. The show films the Unesco World Heritage area where Dolphins, turtles, dugongs and rays swim into the shallows to interact. Take a drive out to Monkey Mia to watch the wild Dolphins feed. Or spend some time at Little Lagoon. Along the way stop off at the historic site former 'Peron Station' for a dip in the artesian ‘hot tub’. Check out the small interpretive centre or enjoy a walk on the trail. Here's a few things to do at Shark Bay:

  • Visit Peron Station
  • Take a dip in the 'Hot Tub'
  • Feed to Dolphins at Monkey Mia
  • Book a Shark Tour
  • See the Ocean Park Aquarium
  • Book a 4WD adventure tour
Jurien Bay

Day 9 Shark Bay to Jurien Bay

Distance: 612.9kms Time Spent Driving: 7 Hours Tip: Best time to leave is at 5am arriving at 12pm just in time for lunch. Budget Accommodation: Jurien Bay Tourist Park (08) 9652 1595 Middle Range Accommodation: Jurien Bay Beachfront Holiday Units 0467 073 862 Resort Style AccommodationPinnacles Edge Resort (08) 9652 7788 Grab a bite: Murray St. Grill (08) 9652 2114 Things to See & Do:

Jurien Bay was built primarily as a cray fishing (Western Rock Lobster) town, home to cray fishing boats. Later the holiday makers starting enjoying the beautiful beaches and great fishing the area has to offer. Only a short drive from Perth along the Indian Ocean Drive, Jurien Bay is popular spot for people to visit.

  • Go sky diving
  • Have a fish off the Jetty or boat harbour
  • Book a tour on a fishing charter
  • Head out on a 4wd adventure tour
  • Relax on the beach
  • take a stroll around the local shops

Day 10 Jurien Bay to Perth

Distance: 219.7kms Time Spent Driving: 2 1/2 Hours Tip: Spend the last morning sleeping in! A 10am checkout will have you arriving in Perth at 12:30pm in time for lunch.

End of the Perth to Exmouth Drive Itinerary! Time to head back to Perth along the Indian Ocean Drive along the way there's a few things worth stopping to see including the Pinnacles and the Stromatolites at Lake Thetis.

Safe Travels!

Remember to take breaks to stop enjoy the sights along the way on the Perth to Exmouth Drive Itinerary. Rest areas are conveniently located and travelling during the early morning can help save fuel, it's also when drivers are most alert. There's fuel stops at each town and a few roadhouses along the way. Here's a list:

Overlander Roadhouse (08) 9942 5916

Billabong Roadhouse (08) 9942 5919

Wooramel Roadhouse (08) 9942 5910

Minilya Roadhouse (08) 9942 5922

Here's a list of Visitor Information Centres:

Jurien Bay Information Centre (08) 9652 0800

Kalbarri Information Centre (08) 9937 1104

Carnarvon Information Centre (08) 9941 1146

Shark Bay Information Centre (08) 9948 1590

Coral Bay & Exmouth Information Centre (08) 9949 1176

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