Learmonth Jetty – Fishing and Exploring

Learmonth Jetty – Fishing and Exploring

Learmonth Jetty is 40kms south of Exmouth. A great place to throw out the line.

Learmonth was named after Charles Learmonth. Charles was a wing commander for the RAAF. He died in a plane crash on the 6th of January 1944. Charles saved lives by radioing a fault with his Beaufort bomber before he crashed. He was flying in formation with the two other Beaufort bomber who got immediately grounded. Thanks to Charles Learmonth's quick thinking he saved the lives of the other pilots and crew.

Learmonth still has a RAFF base and the Learmonth Jetty was built during WWII. After being destroyed by a cyclone the jetty was rebuilt with a robust platform for fishing.

Fishing at Learmonth Jetty, Exmouth

Exmouth offers a great range of fishing. Learmonth Jetty offers one of the best places to shore fish. The kind of fish that you can expect from shore fishing off Exmouth far exceeds most places in Australia. Learmonth Jetty offers a range of fish to be caught. Including:
  • Queenfish
  • Trevelly
  • Flathead
  • Whiting
  • Brim
  • Squid
  • Spanish Mackerel
  • Shark Mackerel
  • Mack Tuna

Best Bait to use at Learmonth Jetty

Hardyheads can be found in the shallows around the jetty. Easily caught to be used as live bait for the bigger fish. Otherwise lure fishing can be popular here with sight casting for the bigger schools of fish. Watch for the schools of squid swimming by that will take a squid lure.

The water around Exmouth is pristine and clear. Making a fishing trip to Learmonth Jetty a fun day out for the kids. They have a clear view of the fish swimming by. In a good day Mackies can be watched slicing up and jumping through the waters as the chase the bait fish under the jetty.

A great place to fish if going on a boat at Exmouth is not something planned.

Things to do around Learmonth Jetty

If fishing isn't really your thing, enjoy a day exploring the local history around Learmonth. There are two areas off the side of the road with information about the area.

Take a swim! Clear waters and sunny days are perfect to loose yourself on the beach at Learmonth Jetty. Theres also plenty of shells for the kids to collect.


Checkout some of these blog posts and websites from people who have fished at Learmonth Jetty... [embed]http://vimeo.com/53254918[/embed]

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