Fishing Spots in Exmouth

Fishing Spots in Exmouth

Fishing spots in Exmouth are spectacular both for beach fishing (including spearfishing in designated areas) and boat fishing.  It does not seem to matter what size boat you have or what beach you go to.  If you know where the fishing spots in Exmouth are you are generally guaranteed a catch.

Popular beach fishing spots in Exmouth are Learmonth Jetty, Pebble Beach and the Marina and Canals on the Gulf Side where you can use both lures or bait depending on species you wish to catch.

Popular beach fishing spots on the West Side are Five Mile Beach, The Oysters Ledges off Mildura Wreck Road short walk to the right and Trisel Access just a short distance past the Lighthouse Caravan Park. The West Side does have sanctuary zones so check with Department of Parks & Wildlife located at 20 Nimitz Street Exmouth.

Popular fishing spots in Exmouth for boating in the Gulf is in any area with bombies (reefy coral structures) maps of these spots are available from the tackle shops Exmouth Tackle and Camping and Blue Water Tackle You can anchor or drift over these areas where many species of fish thrive.  There are plenty of spots close to the shore and further afield if you want the bigger deep water fish.

Popular fishing spots in Exmouth for boating on the West Side are behind the Ningaloo Reef accessible from Tantabiddi Boat Ramp again you need to check where the sanctuary zones are.

Other excellent fishing spots in Exmouth is by boat from Bundegi or the Marina out to Murion Islands (just over an hour) where boat, beach and spearfishing are good.

Ladies can also enjoy the Fishing Spots in Exmouth the

above photo shows how proud this lady was to catch an elusive bluebone on her first time out just 5km offshore in the Gulf.

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