Whaleshark Festival Exmouth – Biggest event of the Year!

Whaleshark Festival Exmouth – Biggest event of the Year!

The Whaleshark Festival Exmouth is one of the best festivals Exmouth hosts all year! Why not plan your holiday around the Whaleshark Festival?

The festival highlights the appearance of Whalesharks off the Ningaloo coast at the beginning of the Whaleshark season. The Whalesharks arrive in Exmouth waters around May to September each year. The local community enjoys celebrating the relationships with the Whalesharks. The connections they have with these majestic creatures are celebrated with a yearly festival. The Festival highlights education about the Whalesharks importance in the Ningaloo area.

Everything and more!

Everything and everyone will be there! Events throughout the include:
  • A Gala opening at the Novotel Ningaloo Resort.
  • float parade
  • A family fun run event
  • A huge festival day on Talanjee Oval
  • Live entertainment throughout the whole weekend!
  • and beach games with money giveaways!
As well as heaps more!

Each year the Exmouth community come together to make each year bigger and better than the year before. People come from all over the world to swim with these gentle giants, the majestic Whalesharks. Come along during the Whaleshark festival and celebrate what these beautiful creatures mean to the Exmouth community and visitors.

Information on Whaleshark Festival Exmouth!

Checkout all the info at www.ningaloowhalesharkfestival.com/

Our holiday homes book out early during the Whaleshark festival.  Book your Exmouth holiday home early so you don't miss out on all of the festival festivities. We have holiday homes to suit everyone's needs. We can cater to make your next stay one of the most enjoyable holidays in Exmouth.

You can even swim with a Whaleshark on your Exmouth holiday! Checkout our lists of tours in Exmouth page. Swimming with a Whaleshark in it's natural environment is something just about anyone can do, from 3 year olds to 90 year olds!

See you at the next Whaleshark Festival at Exmouth for a fantastic fun week!

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