NRHH is now accredited with the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program

Ningaloo Reef Holiday Homes is now accredited with the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program!

We are super pleased to announce that Ningaloo Reef Holiday Homes is now an Australian Tourism Accredited business!

What does this mean for you, our guests?

When you choose to book your holiday accommodation with us you can expect the following:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Professional customer service
  • Accuracy in advertising
  • Sound environmental practices
  • An appropriately licensed and qualified operator
  • Adherence to a Code of Ethics

This Australia-wide recognised accreditation means we are committed to providing you, our valued guests, the best possible experience throughout your Ningaloo holiday journey, from your initial holiday research, choosing your accommodation, making a booking, right through to your stay and beyond.

How we achieved our accreditation

Quality Tourism Accredited Business logo shield
The Australian Tourism Accreditation is a Australia-wide initiative that has been created to provide assurances to consumers that the the business meets or exceeds a set of guidelines on quality and business practices.

Our accreditation certifies that we meet specific quality assurance criteria which ensures we are committed to exceeding your expectations with great customer service and the highest standards of business practice. As part of this accreditation we will also be part of regular onsite audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

To be accredited we had to complete the following:

  • Licences & Permits – We gained all the required licences and permits applicable.
  • Business Operating Systems – We have implemented detailed & proactive operating systems ie: maintenance, health and safety and cleaning schedules.
  • Economic Sustainability and Financial Systems – We comply with accounting standards, up-to-date record keeping and comply with consumer laws.
  • Insurance Details – We have all the required coverage inc. at least $10million in public liability insurance.
  • Human Resource Management – We comply with legislation relating to employing staff along with comprehensive ongoing training and skill development.
  • Environmental Management – We demonstrate a documented and practical commitment to sustainable environmental practices.
  • Customer Service – We have documented customer service procedures, booking and cancellation policies and customer feedback processes.
  • Risk Management – We demonstrate documentation and implementation of risk management plans, as well as emergency and evacuation procedures.
  • Code of Practice – We have signed an industry code of ethics.

In case you missed it

In-case you missed it, we also entered the Gascoyne Regional Business Awards for the first time last year and did pretty well we think 🙂

Gascoyne Regional Business Awards 2018

Gascoyne Regional Business Awards 2018

Runner Up 2018
Gascoyne Regional Business Awards 2018

  • Runner Up –Small Business Award

Finalist 2018
Gascoyne Regional Business Awards

  • Finalist – Small Business Award
  • Finalist – Customer Service Award
Sunrise Cottage Nook

Airbnb Exmouth WA

You are looking for accommodation and you do a search for Airbnb Exmouth WA. Great, lots of accommodation to choose from. But what actually is Airbnb, how do they operate and how does the booking proceed. These little tips are the most asked questions from my Airbnb bookings.

Insiders tips to how Airbnb works.

‘I’ve booked an Airbnb!’ I hear this one all the time. No you haven’t booked an Airbnb, you have booked a property/bed/shed/granny flat/caravan/shoebox through a third party website located overseas, called Airbnb. So great for Airbnb (the brand) to now have half the western world calling all holiday accommodation other than a hotel room an ‘Airbnb’. Great branding, well done.

When you book through Airbnb (like ALL third party offshore booking services like HomeAway,, Agoda etc) you are paying them, not paying the owner of the property or the managers of the property. Airbnb pay us (the managers) once you are in residence. So if for some reason you need to cancel or change your booking and there is money involved, then all proceedings go through Airbnb, not us. Guests can find it difficult when they want to speak to someone. Operators are offshore and in different time zones.

In the enquiry stage through Airbnb. You cannot post any contact information. Guests will often say ‘ring me’ and post a mobile. This information is blocked from us. We cannot post an email or web address either. I totally understand that Airbnb want to retain security and also want to retain a potential booking.

Price differences

Pricing of your property, booked through Airbnb, will always be more expensive than if you booked directly with the managers or the owners. This makes perfect sense. Airbnb are a business, they need to make their cut as well as everyone else. So they will have their commissions, fees etc on top of what the owners may charge or the managers. The payout to us is roughly (as close as we can calculate) what we would have charged the guest should they have booked direct with us. The difference can be anything from $100 up to nearly $800 on some bookings. We have found that guests who do ‘shop around’ and eventually find us can claim some huge discrepancies in rates.

Saying all that, some guests just like to book through Airbnb as they are comfortable with the format and the procedure, and that is fine by us. We just want you to have all the facts.

Booking Direct

If you do a search for Exmouth Holiday Homes, which would seem obvious to me, you will find us on page 1. If you do a search for Airbnb Exmouth WA you will also find us the managers on page 1. Ningaloo Holiday Homes, page 1.

Booking direct with Ningaloo Reef Holiday Homes will guarantee you the best possible price, guaranteed.

When it goes wrong

So you have decided to book an Airbnb Exmouth WA property. You get there, only to find it looks nothing like the photos, it is filthy and you are stuck in an industrial estate. I say this with some certainty as this is what happened to some desperate guests who rang me today looking for accommodation today. Trying to get out of their Airbnb booking which was ‘nothing’ like the photos or the description. These sorts of situations are very rare. But, buyer beware! Think it through. Anyone can list their ‘place/space’ for rental. No checks or balances.


I am not having a go at Airbnb, on the contrary, I stay in many holiday homes which I have booked through Airbnb, and have only had great experiences and quality accommodation. But if I see that the property is hosted by ‘Mary’ who hosts another 10 properties in the town, then I most definitely go out of my way to find ‘Mary’, as she will give me the best price, the personal service that I may need, and I know for sure that what I am booking is what I am going to get.

So instead of automatically doing a search for Airbnb Exmouth WA, how about looking at the local businesses that are also listed on page 1 of your search results.

I will jump off that soapbox now. #bookdirect

Dog on Holiday Ningaloo

Pets on Holiday – Perth to Exmouth

Pet Friendly Accommodation from Perth to Exmouth!

Planning on a road trip to Exmouth with family, kids and pets to Exmouth? Need a place or two to stop at along the way that can accommodate everyone? We have created a list of pet friendly accommodation option from Perth to Exmouth, to suit all budgets.

We’ve included places along the Indian Ocean Drive and also places between Geraldton and Exmouth. To make things easy we’ve  included a link to each accommodation provider so you can book your stay with pets directly with each provider.

Holiday with pets at towns along the Indian Ocean Drive

Discover rolling white dunes, native wildflowers, remote landscapes, twinkling blue ocean views and golden sunsets along the Indian Ocean Drive. Winding along the West Australian Coast from Perth to Geraldton, the Indian Ocean Drive has much to see and many places to explore.

Dog Swimming Pets Friendly

Two Rocks & Yanchep Pet Friendly Accommodation

Two Rocks is located on the northern edge of the Perth suburbs, 61kms from the Perth city centre. Unspoilt beaches provide a popular stop over destination close to Perth. Green grassed dunes roll into white sandstone beaches and ideal swimming spots. The Barkin’ Barber have grooming packages for a bit of holiday dog loving!


Beach House

4 1/2 Stars | 10 Guests | From $80/night


Two Rocks Retreat Getaway

5 Stars | 8 Guests | From $151/night


Blue Fox Haven

12 Guests | From $330/night

Guilderton, Seabird & Moore River Pet Friendly Accommodation

Guilderton, Seabird and Moore River are part of the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. Offering white sandy beaches and huge sand dunes to explore. Guilderton is located 90kms north of Perth.


The Beach House Moore River

10 Guests | From $80/night



10 Guests | From $111/night


Moore River Holidays

14 Guests | From $330/night

Ledge Point & Lancelin Pet Friendly Accommodation

Lancelin is known for the massive sand dunes that become a playground for motorbikes, beach buggies and tour buses. A great place to stop over and have some fun sliding down the dunes on a board. Lancelin and Ledge Point are also popular surfing spots. Located 130kms north of Perth.

Ocean Farm


4 1/2 Stars | 11 Guests | From $150/night

Little Ledge


5 Stars | 7 Guests | From $170/night


Sea Esta Lancelin

5 Stars | 13 Guests | From $250/night

Cervantes & Jurien Bay Pet Friendly Accommodation

Jurien bay is located 220kms north of Perth, Cervantes and Jurien bay are small fishing industry and tourism towns. The area is known for the famous Pinnacles, ancient rock pillars standing tall in shifting sand dunes. Ancient marine fossils in Lake Thetis have featured on many worldwide documentaries.


Don’t Worry Be Happy

4 1/2 Stars | 9 Guests | From $125/night


Blue on the Boulevard

5 Stars | 8 Guests | From $200/night


Cervantes Beach House

4 1/2 Stars | 10 Guests | From $250/night

Green Head & Leeman Pet Friendly Accommodation

Several beautiful bays make Green Head a picturesque swimming, fishing, snorkelling stop over spot. The area is a popular destination for windsurfing. Leeman is located 260kms north of Perth.


Coastal Days in Leeman

5 Stars | 8 Guests | From $140/night


Green Head Cottage by the Sea

6 Guests | From $150/night


Ocean Views

5 Stars | 8 Guests | From $180/night

Port Denison & Dongara Pet Friendly Accommodation

Dongara is located 350kms north of Perth, Port Denison and Dongara are twin seaside fishing town. The town offers beautiful beaches, historic buildings and walking tails and century-old Moreton Bay fig trees.


Granny’s Beach Cottage

4 1/2 Stars | 6 Guests | From $125/night


Coral Coast Sunset Deck

4 1/2 Stars | 8 Guests | From $160/night


Cozzy’s Condo

5 Stars | 9 Guests | From $225/night


Geraldton is the largest coastal town north of Perth in the mid west region of Western Australia. Offering a great spot to pickup supplies like fuel, Geraldton also has larger shopping complexes and many facilities. The area is becoming a popular holiday destination offering nice swimming beaches, windsurfing spots, the Abrolhos Islands, large playgrounds and developed foreshores. Located 415kms north of Perth. There’s a few vets in Geraldton including Chapman Animal Hospital, Midwest Vet Centre, Sanford Vet Clinic and Animal Dermatology Clinic.


Pet friendly Cottage

4 1/2 Stars | 4Guests | From $95/night


Entire Beachfront Villa

4 Stars | 6 Guests | From $150/night


Sunset Beach House

5 Stars | 7 Guests | From $160/night

Holiday with dog Exmouth

Holiday with Pets from Geraldton to Exmouth


Kalbarri is located on the mouth of the Murchison River, 570kms north of Perth. Known for ‘Natures Window’ and the 400 million year old fossils, the area also offers rugged ranges, top surfing spots, red gorges and wildlife. Pets and Plants offer a doggy daycare service for visitors wanting to visit the national parks.


Cable Cottage Bed and Breakfast with Bed-Sit Cabin

5 Stars | 5 Guests | From $85/night


Surf Views Kalbarri

5 Stars | 6 Guests | From $147/night


SeaKist Retreat

15 Guests | From $270/night

Denham, Shark Bay & Monkey Mia

Denham and Monkey Mia are located in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area of Western Australia. The seaside town of Denham offers snorkelling, diving, marine life, fishing outside sanctuary zones and windsurfing. Close to Monkey Mia, famous for the dolphins, feeding times occurring between 7.30am and 12 noon. Visit the Shark bay World Heritage Discovery and Visitors Centre Website for more information about travelling with pets in the region.


Hartog Cottage 2 Denham

4 Stars | 5 Guests | From $126/night


Coastal Court Denham

4 1/2 Stars | 6 Guests | From $131/night


Shark Bay B&B

5 Stars | 3 Guests | From $189/night


Carnarvon boasts as being one of Western Australia’s most pet friendly towns. With the Coral Coast Doggy Day Care and the Coral Coast Doggy Day Spa this town is sure to be a popular stop over for your four legged family member. Beaches, walking tracks and tails blowholes and the Carnarvon Jetty make up just a few things to see and do in the region. View Carnarvon Visitors Centre Website for more information.


Carnarvon Oasis

5 Guests | From $150/night


Fish Tales

5 Stars | 6 Guests | From $150/night


Tropical Farm Stay

5 Stars | 6 Guests | From $180/night


The destination! We have a range of holiday homes in Exmouth that are pet friendly. View the all pet friendly accommodation in Exmouth for your stay. Exmouth is dog friendly and some of the Exmouth Beaches are dog friendly and make for a nice stroll on sunset.


Turtle Hut

3 Stars | 4 Guests | From $150/night


Mulla Mulla

3 Stars | 6 Guests | From $208/night



3 Stars | 8 Guests | From $231/night

Pet Holiday Ningaloo

Visit Perth to Exmouth - Holiday package

DIY Holiday Package to Exmouth!

Holiday Package to Exmouth

An Exmouth holiday package that you can choose and book directly. We’ll provide all the research and links so you can book and save on the perfect holiday package. No stress, no mess, simply book and save!

Who doesn’t like a short holiday to revitalise and refresh? Do you feel like escaping the wet weather of down south for a snorkelling holiday at the warm beaches of the north west of WA? We invite you to be our holiday home quests, come to the sunshine for a mini break.

Throw away the miserable weather, cloudy days and cold & flu tablets for a dosage of old fashioned #VitaminSea!

How does a three day fly in holiday to Exmouth, Western Australia sound? We take the stress from the holiday planning and provide all the links you need to book directly with the providers and save!

Book a sneaky weekend away and escape the winter blues!

TOP TIP! Booking directly with each service or provider can often get the best deals.

Choose a Return Flight

Yep a return ticket, although many people do find it hard to leave! Here’s a list of places to find out the best prices and book a plane ticket online. Depending on the time of year and the flight provider the prices may vary.

Price: Flights start at $229 one way.

Pickup a Car for Hire

A car is a great idea to hire when visiting Exmouth. The Learmonth airport is located 38kms south of Exmouth. If a car isn’t your thing there’s transfer busses that run for a fee. The Ningaloo Visitors Centre can make a booking for you. Hiring a car will allow you to get around with complete control to roam range to reef.

Price: From $89 per day.

Car Hire Exmouth at Learmonth Airport

Book a Bed

We have a huge range of homes available and each of our accommodation homes are setup uniquely. A search on our all accommodations page is the best place to find the right place for you. Here’s three of our holiday homes to get you started…



Add a Tour

What would a trip to Exmouth be without seeing the bet bits? Experience the best Exmouth has to offer on a tour. Let the locals show you the sights. Whatever your tastes there’s bound to be a tour to tickle your taste buds. Checkout our Tours page for a list of all the tours on offer. Here’s some of the most popular tours…

Price: Tour prices will change depending on the time of year and availability. For an idea the Yardie Creek tour is $35 per adult.

Swim with Whalesharks on the Ningaloo Reef

Yardie Creek

Swim with Humpback Whales on the Ningaloo Reef

Add Some Extras

Our fully self contained holiday homes are a home away from home and have all the creature comforts. However, if you feel there’s something else you might need view our extras for hire. From beach umbrellas to Eskies and beach towels. We can provide the extra things. For something a little extra special like booking activities & tours or guest amenities supplies on arrival visit the Exmouth Concierge website.

Extras for Hire

Note! Our prices are collected from external websites and may change. Bookings need to be made directly with each company to ensure you get the best price on the day. Prices are for a guide only and might even be cheaper when making the booking!

What to pack for holiday

10 Useless Things To Pack for Holiday

What to Pack for Holiday… Planning on spending time in the sun, surf and sand? A holiday is so exciting it’s often easy to overlook the most essential items and bring the most unnecessary things.

After a quick Google search there’s plenty of blog posts and websites outlining in detail all the items to pack for holiday to a sunny destination. So we thought we’d give you some details on what to leave at home!

Here’s our list of ‘What NOT to Pack for Holiday to Exmouth!‘ and a few hot tips on what to pack.

10 Useless Things to Pack for Holiday to Ningaloo


Yep, Exmouth is remote and a little off the main road… But never fear! We do have electricity to all of our holiday homes. The candles can stay at home. Apparently, candles are good for waterproofing bags and shoes too… Yep, won’t be needing much waterproofing either. Actually, that leads onto the next ‘What Not To Pack Item‘…

A Raincoat

Well… What can we say, it’s almost always summertime in Exmouth! Even if your holiday happens to be on the one or two rainy days we get here each year, the rain is often warm and best dealt with when wearing bathers.

Ugg Boots

The Ningaloo region can get a little crisp and a light jumper is sensible, for the early mornings and late evenings, however Ugg Boats might be a little over the top. Swap out the Uggies for a set of snorkels and flippers!

A Photo of Dear Mum

Ok, yes we all love our mums and if you feel the need to bring along a photo, why not bring along your mum in person instead? Actually, bring along the whole family and good friends! We have holiday accommodation to suit large group bookings.

Snow Gear

Yep. No snow here. Although, most of the beaches have sand as white as snow. A pair of polarised sunnies, a hat, 30+ SPF sunscreen, beach towels and a good book are all recommended for days spent relaxing at the beach.

The Kitchen Sink

Our holiday homes are equipped with fully self contained kitchens that contain everything including cutlery, plates, cups, can openers and even a kitchen sink. We have everything you need to whip up a yummy batch of freshly caught Coral Trout, chilli Exmouth prawns or whatever your heart desires! Just add food and you’re all set to turn your holiday home kitchen into a Master Chief Kitchen!

A Childhood Teddy Bear

Ok, so Mr Bean would always pack ‘Teddyfor a vacation, but unless you get really home sick, your childhood teddy bear could stay tucked up safe and sound in your bed awaiting your return. However, keep some space in the luggage bag for a souvenir or two from the Ningaloo Visitor Centre. If stuffed, soft, fluffy things with large cute eyes tend to exploit your loving personality there’s even cuddly Whale Sharks and turtle teddies to take home.

The Family TV

Love the footy? Can’t live with the thought of going on holiday and missing ‘the big match’ or an episode of ‘Home and Away’? Not to worry! All our holiday homes have TVs and some even have more than 1! Yay, that long awaited holiday you have always dreamed of can now come true! All our homes are fully furnished and comfortable. They come in all styles, shapes and sizes to suit all budgets too. No need to pack the family TV.

Beach Umbrella

I know what you’re thinking… Going to the beach, pack the umbrella. Sure, sounds good… Until it comes time to pack the car, than the seemingly small beach umbrella suddenly grows into an awkward, bulky nightmare. Eeeek! Not to mention trying to fit one into a suitcase for a plane trip! Oh no! Don’t worry, no stress… We’re here to help and have beach umbrellas for hire. We also have all the other hard to pack, bulky items for hire too, like highchairs, iceboxes, portacots, beach towels and much more.


Hmmm… Not sure why anyone would take chickens on holidays. Maybe for fresh eggs?? Not sure. Our Holiday Homes are fully self contained, however, food is not provided so before your add ‘chicken’ to your packing list, we’d like to express that the Exmouth local IGA supermarkets have fresh eggs, milk, bread and food. Snorkelling and swimming all day is bound to work up an appetite, so be sure to pick up all your needed food and toiletries from the Exmouth town centre. There’s also a chemist, novelty shops, surf shops, cafes and bottle shops.

We hope our tips of ‘What NOT to Pack for Holiday‘ has helped you plan your stay. We will leave you with a photo of our friendly local chickens… And before you ask… Nope, we don’t eat their eggs 😉

Cape Range to Ningaloo Reef

Roaming Range to Reef

Cape Range and Ningaloo Reef, near Exmouth, is located on the North West coast of Western Australia. Exmouth is a small community surrounded by remote snorkelling locations and stunning beaches. Explore where the Range meets the Reef, discover some of the best snorkelling spots in Australia and hike ancient gorges containing fossils!

Exploring the Reef

Exmouth is well known for the Ningaloo Reef, a 260 kilometre (162 mile) long coral reef World Heritage listed marine site. The coral structures stretches from ‘Red Bluff’ just north of Carnarvon, all the way north to Bundegi Beach in the Exmouth Gulf.

The coral reef is the longest near shore reef in the world, making the Ningaloo Reef accessible without a boat trip.

The waters around the Ningaloo Reef support over 500 fish species, 300 coral species, 600 molluscs species and many other marine invertebrates, the area is unique and alive.

Exmouth’s 2,500 population swells to around 6,ooo people visiting during the busiest times of year, in the winter months. This is compared to the Great Barrier Reef, which has over a whopping 2 million people visiting each year! This makes Exmouth a little known, hidden holiday gem!

Best Spots to Snorkel at Ningaloo Reef

With reef just a few meters off the shores edge, there’s plenty of spots to snorkel along the Cape. Both sides of the Exmouth Cape Range offer ideal snorkelling locations to suit all abilities and ages. Here’s a list of the top 5 spots to snorkel…

  • Turquoise Bay
  • Turquoise Bay Drift
  • Oyster Stacks
  • Lakeside
  • Bundegi Beach

Roaming Around Cape Range

Exmouth has an amazing amount of life living in the ocean, however it also boasts a diverse eco system in the dry gorges. The Cape Range National Park occupies the western side of the North West Cape peninsula over an area of 47,655 hectares.

The range has had gorges carved out by much wetter rainfall systems that occurred over 2.5 million years ago. Today the gorges only have water during the heavy rains that mostly occur when a cyclone crosses the area. Cyclones occur in Exmouth on an average of every four years, mostly during the months from October to March.

Cape Range offers visitors another area to explore while on holiday and there’s a few walking tracks and lookouts. The tracks range in difficulty to suit all ages and abilities. Vlamingh Head Lighthouse is a ‘drive to’ lookout, where as Mandu Mandu is a 3km walking track, both spots are popular to do during the morning or early evening.

Explore Cape Range Exmouth, Western Australia
Exploring one of the many gorges in the Cape Range, Exmouth

Walking Tracks & Lookouts

Here’s a list of the top 6 lookouts and hiking tracks in Exmouth.

  • Mandu Mandu Gorge
  • Charles Knife Canyon
  • Badjirrajirra Loop Trail
  • Shothole Canyon
  • Yardie Creek
  • Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

Visiting Exmouth During Summer

Nature puts on a show of colours during the summer months in the North of Western Australia. With more and more people choosing to visit during the summer months, Exmouth is becoming a popular holiday destination all year round. Try visiting Exmouth during the off season when the air is warmer and you can have the whole of Turquoise bay mostly to yourself.

All of our Exmouth Holiday Homes are air-conditioned and comfortable during the warmer months, with many of our homes having pools! Make the most of summer and enjoy watching a West Australian sunset over Cape Range from our Fern holiday home.

Pool and Modern Holiday Home

Dreaming of a Summer Holiday?

Dreaming of a summer holiday? Like to visit the Ningaloo Reef when the water is warmer and you can have the Exmouth beaches mostly to yourself? Exmouth Holiday Homes still have a few houses up for grabs for the shoulder season.

Visit on the shoulder season and save! Book directly with us and we guarantee the best price!

All our accommodation in Exmouth is equiped and fully self contained. We also have a few pet friendly houses still available to book! To make your holiday even easier we have items for hire too.

Here’s a few holiday homes still available to book

Frangipani lounge with seating for 8 people


Sleeps: 5 | Boat Parking | Opposite a park & playground | 8 Stars out of 10 | Air-conditioned

Frangipani is a budget, friendly family accommodation home with disabled access. Close to the main town centre and is within walking distance to Exmouth restaurants and bars. This well priced house is perfect to save some money for tours and exploring the Ningaloo Reef.

Exmouth accommodation - The Deck Lounge 2
Great Family living and a massive outside deck area

The Deck

Sleeps: 8 | Pets Allowed (Outside) | Fenced | Air-conditioned | Outdoor Shade

Beautifully renovated home with a new kitchen, breakfast nook, dishwasher and fully air-conditioned. Enough parking for up to 3 vehicles and room for a larger boat trailer. Clos to boating facilities too. Enjoy the Exmouth evenings out on the deck, equipped with a BBQ and outdoor lounge area. Perfect for a group of 8 people sharing a holiday to Exmouth.

Pool and Modern Holiday Home


Sleeps: 8 | On the Marina | 7mtr Swimming Pool | Air-conditioned | Modern

Fern offers views of the Cape Range and is located on the marina near town beach. The 7 meter swimming pool will keep everyone happy during the warm days and evenings. With free WIFI the house will keep the teens connected and happy while on holiday. All linen and bath towels are provided, so you only need to pack some clothing.

Exmouth Ningaloo Centre

Ningaloo Centre – Visit Exmouth’s Information Centre

Looking for something to do while in the Exmouth region? Like to find out some local information, thinking of booking a tour or like to pick up a few brochures? Exmouth Ningaloo Centre has all the local tourist information and heaps more!

Thing to see at the Ningaloo Centre

Ningaloo Visitor Centre

When visiting Exmouth drop in to the Ningaloo Centre for some free and unbiased advice, tour bookings, free maps and area guides. A perfect place to discover whats on offer in the Ningaloo region.

Aquarium – Coming Soon!

See the reef come to life in the 55,000-litre Aquarium tank! The tank will be home to more than 100 fish species, ten invertebrates (like clams and starfish), and thirty different corals. Interpretive and interactive displays will display the unique ecology of the World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef.

See the Three Visitor Galleries

Each gallery contains photos, interactive artefacts and educational interpretive displays showcasing the region’s diversity and natural appeal.

Visit the Travelling Exhibition Gallery

Short-term and long-term displays are open to visitors and change depending on what’s visiting the region. Come in and check out what’s been shown while your on holiday.

Memory Room

Locals worked with the WA Museum to record their own personal memories of the last 50 years. They share their stories, photos and memorabilia for visitors to learn about. Discover what life in Exmouth was like during over the years. Visitors can leave their own Exmouth experience for everyone to enjoy too!


The Ningaloo Centre has a modern library space for visitors and locals to enjoy. Find your quiet space and relax with a good book, learn about the local history or just find a good novel to hire while on holiday.

Research Centre

The Research Centre will be the ‘Ningaloo Alliance’ base. Ningaloo Alliance is a collaborative partnership between the University of Western Australia’s ‘Ocean Institute’, various tertiary and research bodies, state and local government departments, and local organisations.

Facilities Include

The Ningaloo Centre has a range of facilities for convenience while visiting the Exmouth region. Here’s a list of current facilities –

  • Toilets
  • Cafe – Coming soon!
  • Caravan Parking
  • Water
  • Local Information

Opening Hours

April – November

7 days a week | 8.30am – 5pm

November – March

Monday – Friday | 8.30am – 5pm

Saturday & Sunday | 9am – 1pm

Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Labour Day & Good Friday.


To visit the Ningaloo Centre here is the address.

Murat Road, Exmouth, Western Australia 6707, Australia.

Phone Number

To call the Ningaloo Centre directly please call this phone number.

+61 (08) 9949 3050


To find out what local events are on at the Ningaloo Centre or for more information please visit the Ningaloo Centre website.

Booking Accomodation?

Check out our Exmouth Accomodation page for our list of accomodation in Exmouth. We have places to suit all budgets and holiday styles. Being local we are always here, check out our blog for self-guided holiday itineraries and ideas.


3 days Holiday Ningaloo

3 Day Ningaloo Holiday – Best Bits!

Your 3 day Ningaloo holiday guide awaits …

Needing a holiday? Looking for somewhere to escape? Thinking of warm weather, lazy beach moments, reefs to snorkel, renowned restaurants to eat at and only a few hours flight from Perth? We have what you need!

Our 3 day holiday Ningaloo guide is designed for a quick trip and squeezes in all of Ningaloo’s best bits. A no stress, no plans Ningaloo holiday itinerary with options to suit everyone. Three full days packed with fun, feasts, holiday treats, tours and a little relaxing.

For those of you lucky enough to have 3 or more days in the sunshine, read on! Our guide is bound to help you fill your Itinerary with places to see and things to do while in Exmouth! Here’s what a 3 day Ningaloo holiday could look like …

Day 1 – Arriving on the Coral Coast


Perth to Exmouth via plane: 1hr 55mins : 1 121 kilometers.
Learmonth Airport to Exmouth: 23mins : 37km.
Exmouth to Bundegi: 11mins : 9.7km.
Bundegi to Vlaming Head Lighthouse: 9mins : 9.8km.
Vlaming Head Lighthouse back to Exmouth: 18mins : 19.8km.

OK… You booked the plane tickets, packed a few things into a suitcase and boarded the Perth to Exmouth flight. You’ve read the inflight magazine, had a quick bite to eat an now the time has finally arrived to touch down in at Learmonth airport, the closest airport to Exmouth in Western Australia. The plane trip over Exmouth Gulf as you come in to land is exciting, and flying over the range gives a unique perspective of this remote WA location. At the airport pick up your hire car, load in the kids and the bags then head north towards Exmouth.

Do a quick checkin to your Exmouth accommodation. After a bit of a look around your totally awesome home away from home head back out the door! That’s right… Jump back into the car and head to the beach to wash off the city and enjoy a bit of Exmouth love. There’s no better way to unwind, relax and get into the vibe than heading to Bundegi beach, to chill where the locals chill.

As the sun sets and your first day in Exmouth comes to a close, head to the Vlaming Head Lighthouse. Drive towards the lighthouse, park on the very top of the Cape Range and watch the sun melt into the Indian Ocean. Crack open the wine and cheese! During the months of June to November migrating whales can be seen glittering in the last suns rays as they make the 11,000km journey north towards the Kimberley.

Along The Way

  • From Learmonth airport to Exmouth there’s two WWII memorial sites. RAAF Base memorial located on a right turn, 3kms north of the airport and Potshot memorial located on a right turn, 5kms north of the airport.
  • From Learmonth airport to Exmouth Charles Knife Canyon located on Charles Knife Road, left turn, 13km north of the airport. The Canyon drive is 20.4kms round trip from the main road turnoff.
  • Swing by the shops and grab a bite to eat, some wine for sunset and some sunscreen. The town centre is located on Maidstone Crescent.
  • Ningaloo Centre is located on Murat Road. A great place to discover everything about the region and to pickup brochures for tours.
  • From Exmouth to Bundegi beach see the Harold E Holt memorial located just before the old American war base on the left, 7kms north of Exmouth.
  • From Bundegi beach to Vlaming Head Lighthouse the SS “Mildura” cattle ship wreck is located on a right turn on the Mildura Wreck Road, located 8.8kms from Bundegi off Yardie Creek Road. Apox. 10km round trip from the main road.
  • A lonely white cross grave can be spotted on the left just before reaching the lighthouse. F J Reddy died while building the lighthouse in 1912.


Exmouth can be windy! Luckily the beaches are located on a peninsular, so there’s almost always another beach that’s out of the wind. If Bundegi is blown out head for Wobiri Beach located 5.5kms past the Vlaming Head Lighthouse.

Where to Eat …

Whalebone Brewery offers pizza, beer and outdoor tables to relax under the stars listening to good tunes.

3 days Holiday Ningaloo Bundegi Beach

Day 2 – Book a Ningaloo Tour

Exmouth has plenty of tours to choose from for day two of your 3 day holiday to the Ningaloo, there’s an activity for everyone to suit all budgets. The hardest part is going to be deciding what to do! Would you like to…

  • swim with Whalesharks
  • swim with humpback whales
  • dive over reef
  • go on a glass bottom boat tour
  • book a fishing charter
  • go fly fishing
  • learn to kite surf
  • hire a stand up paddle board
  • learn to surf
  • go paragliding
  • book a sailing day cruise
  • explore the range
  • hire a boat
  • or would you prefer to have a little pamper time and book a float tank?

For booking details and tour information visit our tours page … we have all the information you need to plan your tour day.


Tours in Exmouth can sometimes book out weeks in advance (especially during peak season and school holidays), so sometimes ‘winging it’ might not get you on the tour you most want to do. Best to plan ahead a little and book the tour you’d like well before you arrive in Exmouth.

Where to Eat …

Our holiday homes are self contained and most have BBQ’s. If you’re up for a night in, make the most of relaxing. However if you feel like a night out Sea Salt offers yummy dishes and great service.

Book an Exmouth Tour

Day 3 – Snorkel Ningaloo


Exmouth to Turquoise Bay: 52mins : 63.8km.
Turquoise Bay to Oyster Stacks: 9mins : 5.2km.
Oyster Stacks to Exmouth: 54mins : 66.5km.

After spending a day out on a tour you might be thinking you’ve seen it all… Well we saved the best for last!

Snorkelling Ningaloo!

The Ningaloo Reef meets the shores edge at Turquoise Bay, famously named for the beautiful clear turquoise water colour.

Be greeted by some friendly local dart fish when stepping into the warm water. Float over the reef in the natural drift current, as fish lazily swim round entertaining you. Turtles often hang out over the reef and curiously pop their heads up every so often exploring the wider world. A perfect spot to chill and relax, swimming and laying about on the sand for a few hours.

Understandably Turquoise Bay is hard to leave, however if you feel like another snorkelling adventure head south towards Oyster Stacks. Named for the large coral reef formations with large oysters, this spectacular snorkelling spot is popular with families or inexperienced visitors. Hours can be spent swimming around the natural reef exploring all the flora and fauna.

Cape Range National Park is a World Heritage area and national park entry fees apply. A day pass is $12 per car (up to 12 legally seated people). The pass can be purchased at the park entry point. Concession discounts are available. DFES has a .pdf file with more information here.

On The Way

  • Milyering Visitor Centre located 54km from Exmouth. An information visitors centre with interactive displays and a small shop with ice creams and drinks available.
  • Mandu Mandu Gorge is located 68km from Exmouth. The self guided walk trail explores the range and offers views of the Indian Ocean from the top. The walk is a moderately difficult 3km round trip and is recommended to be completed early morning or in the afternoon when the sun is not too hot. Pack plenty of drinking water, wear walking shoes and hats.
  • Along the way there’s beaches and other snorkelling spots to see, if you have enough time try exploring a marked track and discover where it leads.


Make the most of the day and leave early in the morning, allowing plenty of time in the water without the hot midday sun and before the sea breeze sets in. Oh and you’ll need something to snorkel with … hire snorkelling gear from the friendly crew at Exmouth Surf Centre (located conveniently on your way past the Lighthouse Caravan Park).

Where to Eat…

Feel like a morning coffee or bite to eat? Short Order Local can be found parked up at Town Beach, local food by local people.

Until Your Next 3 Day Ningaloo Holiday


Exmouth to Learmonth Airport: 23mins : 37km.

After spending 3 days holiday Ningaloo exploring the best bits of Exmouth and Cape Range it’s time to head home. However, don’t feel too sad… Your home away from home and the majestic Ningaloo Reef is only a flight away!

Visit Perth to Exmouth
3 day Ningaloo holiday – Squeezing in all the Best Bits

Whaleshark Festival

2018 Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival

Come to Exmouth during May 25 to May 27, 2018 to catch the 2018 Ningaloo Whaleshark Festival!

The festival is open to all ages with something on offer for everyone from 6 moths to 96 years of age! There will be events thought the week including a gala opening, fun run, festival day, live bands and entertainment, concert night, kids treasure hunt and art exhibitions concerts, stalls and markets, live music, competitions and educational displays and demonstrations!

Mantarays Ningaloo Beach Resort will hold the gala opening on Friday night. The music highlight will be a free concert on Talanjee Oval Blue Shaddy under the stars.

Don’t forget to swim with the majestic whale sharks! Whale sharks visit the Ningaloo from March – August each year and the Whaleshark festival is a perfect time to book a swim.

Checkout our accommodation for a comfortable place to stay during the Whaleshark festival.